Monday, June 07, 2010


Michaelians will always be Michaelians. Attachments are strong in school and even after years of leaving school, they would still come a calling back-to-school to meet up the teachers and walk down memory lane. Among the places they frequent most when they returned are the parlour, foodcourt, staff room, a peer into the library, corridors and third floor, the chapel area.  
It's a pity, however, souvenirs bearing the powerful Michaelian logo are sorely limited. 
Items for sale are only suitable for the students but souvenirs for working adults and college students like neck-ties, mugs and T-shirts should be seriously considered.
Old boys who visit the alma mater sometimes brought along their wives, children and foreign friends. Just imagine how happy they are going to be to get something home!

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faizal said...

im proud to be michaelean....