Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Boys Are Back

"It was a trip I will always remember". "Now I know why so many of my seniors talked so much about the camp." "The Lasallian brothers and sisters sacrificed their weekend just to run the program for us. I am so happy to be given the opportunity to attend the camp".

These are some of the comments made by some Form Two participants who participated in the LEAD program held at Ulu Kenas Kuala Kangsar last week. Prior to the trip, the boys were obviously excited for being chosen, more so for those who had not been to such outing before. Their parents too were equally enthusiastic, making necessary arrangements to ensure a comfortable stay. In the same vein, we could see a sense of responsibility and commitment in the students. Even their teachers noticed a change in their attitude and approaches.
caption: Participants building a raft, looking on by Dato' Bro Vincent and Mr Adrian Tsen.
LEAD program is not like the typical leadership camps. While the regular ones emphasize on '"whats" and "hows", the camp organised by the La Salle Centre focusses on "who" and "whys", those on character development and youth formation.
A project well done- From right (Brother Matthew, Mr Adrian, executive director of Riverview Rubber Estates Berhad, main sponsor of LEAD,  Dato Bro Vincent and Mr Isaac)
On behalf of St Michael's Ipoh, I thank the management of La Salle Centre for organising such beneficial program for these young Michaelians. To the well-wishers and benefactors, I believe you have invested well. We believe these youngsters will grow well into proud Michaelians!   

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