Saturday, August 07, 2010


Placing 1st - 1 Loyalty (2 goals on penalty)
2nd - 1 Excellence (scoreless)
3rd - 1 Patience (scored 2 goals)
4th - 1 Prudence (scored 1 goal)

Form 2
1st - 2 Courage (2)

2nd - 2 Wisdom (0)
3rd - 2 Diligence (2 on penalty)  
4th - 2 Kindness (0)  

Editorial: I had a conversation with Dato' Brother Vincent two weeks ago and he asked whether I know the reason why St Michael's field is always green. It could be the soil, the grass or some mysterious elements that make the grass looks extraordinarily captivating. Brother said it was not the case in the 50s, 60s or early 70s. During that time, the field was fully and heavily utilised by pupils who took part in hockey, cricket, rugby, track events and football. Only exposed soil could be seen throughout the months. Grass had difficulty growing then. 
Well, the reason SMI grass looks green is obviously due to underutilized field.
We thank En Zulkarnain (pix) for his determination in organising the competition. At least, good players can be identified to be absorbed into the school team.  

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