Thursday, September 02, 2010

Reminiscences Of Past Gaiety

Community Service - Michaelians passed the hats around and managed to collect a sum of RM280 for Pn Maslumi Yahaya, mother of a fellow Michaelian, from Kpg Manjoi. His house was on fire three days before and most of the family's belongings were destroyed. The date was April 29, 2004. Handing over the contribution to Pn Maslumi is Mr Louis Rozario Doss (former principal). Looking on are Mr Woon Fook Sim, Cikgu Tauhid Ahmad and a few students.
Our Form Two prefects look stylish and neat. All of them are currently furthering their education at tertiary level. Lasallian education grooms young people into well-balanced individuals. Michaelians are scholars, sportsmen and gentlemen! Taken this: Jan 6, 2005.

Former St Michael's teacher Mr See Tean Seng (second from left) was guest-of-honour at an event. He was welcomed by OMA member Mr Bobby Chew, another former teacher Master Chan Khin Seng, En Tauhid Ahmad (senior assistant), Mr Woon Fook Sim and Mr Louis Rozario Doss (former principal).
Taken this: Oct 12, 2004.

Members of the Michaelian Military Band have never failed in delivering the best in most school functions. From a small and humble group, the band continues to excel and shine. Once they stepped into the field or the basketball court, the audience turned silence. Its hallmark has not changed, that is to carry and parade the pride of St Michael's. Taken this: Oct 12, 2004.

St Michael's continues its tradition in ensuring quality education for all. Here, we played host to a group of teachers and lecturers of universities in Thailand. Taken this: July 27, 2004.

St Michael's has always believed that its boundaries do not confine only within the school. It goes beyond its perimeter in establishing contacts and networking. Here, the top management of public-listed company, Riverview Rubber Estates Berhad, conferencing with teachers and members of the Old Michaelians Association. June 2010.  

Last but not least, a shot to call it a day.
This is what we learn in St Michael's. Go through our vision and mission. We are proud to have a circle of brothers and sisters who learnt the Lasallian way. To all former teachers, old boys, parents and the Lasalle brothers, our appreciation and gratitude. We are truly proud to be Michaelians!!

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