Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Never a day goes without anything interesting in St Michael's. One must have encountered sights of monitor lizards going around freely within the school compound. Never leave anything edible in the staff room overnight as civet cats are believed to be on the prowl for something sweet. Rats used to be aplenty at St Michael's but now have dwindled, thanks to the school for hiring pest control agents. Iguanas could also be seen occasionally running out from the drains but would run back in when they were chased by teachers or students. St Michael's is also a paradise for cats. More and more cats can be seen anywhere. Looks like they are happy here especially at the La Salle Centre.
Last week, some Form One boys, who walked to the bookshop chanced upon a moving object under the grass. Upon inspection, they saw a crab which possesses a pair of sharp, intimidating claws. They sought help from a  teacher and the crustacean was caught. The question remains. How did it get here? We are wondering how many more crabs are around. That's life in St Michael's.


md said...


But is it possible to say the crab may have came from the canteen? But I can't remember eating seafood in SMI..haha

ken said...

from the pond?