Monday, October 04, 2010

IGP Is A Michaelian!

The newly-appointed Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar is a Michaelian. He completed his Form Five in 1970. The Lasalle and Michaelian fraternities congratulate Tan Sri for the appointment. 

Note: Mr Harneak, 
Pls check whether you have "The Michaelian" 1970 issue. We can scan the class picture to post it over here. By the way, I managed to speak to one of Tan Sri's classmates when they were in Form Five and we are going to meet over the weekend for lunch. I will follow through. 

Good news. We have obtained the 1970 school magazine. Scanning is in the process. All of us will be able to see how Tan Sri looked like when he was 17. Oh yes, we will soon be establishing contact with Tan Sri. Thanks to OMA  president Mr Adrian Tsen and his strong network.  


Gary said...

Wow...see whether you can get an interview with him or not. Let's see what he remembered of his days in his alma mater.

Peter Khiew said...

That will be a good idea. I will write to Tan Sri soon to congratulate him on his appointment.

SMI 1912-2012 said...

Hi Mr Peter,

I do have the 1970 magazine. Tan Sri was a prefect in 1970. He was also an active member of Interact lub and sits on the Fifth Form Council under History Society.


Harneak Singh