Friday, October 01, 2010

Old Michaelians Dinner 2010

It was a grand gathering of some 750 old boys. The atmosphere was euphoric and everyone had a purpose for being there - rekindling of friendship and the Michaelian bonding. The hall was filled mainly with jubilarians: Diamond, Golden, Ruby, Silver and Pewter. Even those celebrating their Pearl Anniversary were also there to receive their certificates.
From left (Bro Visitor Thomas Lavin, Mr Adrian Tsen & Bro Anthony Rogers)

A special mention should be made of the Brothers as their turnout was splendid this year. Their presence holds special and significant meaning to gatherings like this. We thank Brother Visitor Bro Thomas Lavin from Hong Kong, Bro Anthony Rogers (Bro.Director of Malaysia), Bro Matthew Liew, Bro Ambrose Loke, Bro Andrew Loke and Bro Michael Kum. We also salute Dato Bro Vincent Corkery and Bro Matthew Bay for being such strong support as fas as SMI and OMA are concerned.
The event also saw Master Timothy Chee being awarded the "Eminent Michaelian Award", the first time such award being presented to a Michaelian.
Eminent Michaelian - Master Timothy Chee 
The plaque, made of pewter and hardwood, was presented to him by equally outstanding and remarkable Michaelians and Lasallians - Bro Visitor Thomas Lavin, Dato' Bro Vincent Corkery, Mr Adrian Tsen, Mr Joseph Michael Lee, Mr Louis Rozario Doss and Mr Sivapragasam.
These are all outstanding Michaelians!
All ears - From left (Bro Thomas, evergreen Master Noel, Bro Ambrose Loke & Bro Anthony Rogers)
We also had the honour to have former SMI principals - Mr Balasubramaniam, Mr Teh Chor Aun and Mr Louis Rozario Doss with us. The dinner was a tremendous success, measured by the excellent turnout of fellow Michaelians. Tickets to the dinner were sold out two months before the dinner, with the organisers having apologetically turned away many eager old boys and lastly, the dinner ended with a sweet note. Many have already asked when is next year's dinner. Thank you boys for such massive support!
Class of '60
A gathering of faithful old boys!
Class of 2009! 
Vintage Class of '60. Look at their spirit!! 
Class of 1985

Master Thomas Choo (left) and Master Chong Tet Fah (right) with an old boy from class of 1960.

Our special guests - Mr Tan and Mr Yeap( in batik -from the St George's Old Boys Association), Mr Michael Ong (left) and  Mr Teh Chor Aun

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