Saturday, October 02, 2010

Vintage Class of '60

Customary welcome by the Michaelian Military Band members.
The boys occupied almost 13 tables at the dinner, making them the largest group celebrating their jubilee. All the years, prior to the golden anniversary, their presence at the dinner had always been an annual affair. The group was commended even by OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen, saying that the old boys are a faithful lot who have never missed even a single annual dinner.
A good turn-out at the home-coming
The next day, the group, in their specially-designed T-shirts and wearing a school badge, came a calling at the alma mater. The entourage was customarily welcomed by the Michaelian Military Band. Mr Phoon, the principal and senior assistants Cikgu Tauhid Shamsuddin, Mr Velupillai and teachers were present. Among the guests invited for the function were Dato Bro Vincent Corkery, Bro Matthew Bay, Mr Adrian Tsen and Mr Joseph Michael Lee. The old boys then proceeded to the hall when they were further accorded reception befitting true Michaelian heroes by renditions of Chinese classical music by the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra. Masters of Ceremony were Form Two head prefect Kenneth Kee and Form One prefect Paras Jassani. Official tour guides were combination of Form One and Two prefects.

Form One and Two prefects on standby. For school events like this, these young Michaelians even turn up on a Sunday.
Four old boys, Lt Col (Rtd) Lawrence Chai, Francis Fernandes, Dr Arjunmall and Jio Lim Jit Yong later shared about their experiences as students at SMI. The class of  '60 also contributed RM1000 each to MMB, MCO and the Michaelian Heritage Gallery(MHG). We thank them for such kind thought.
The Class of '60 presented a memento to the MHG. 

A superb rendition of classical music from the MCO. The audience was impressed.
The highlight was a visit to the MHG where St Michael's artifacts and historical items are displayed for posterity. A plaque has been fixed to commemorate the visit.
Walk down memory lane.

Old boys identifying themselves when they were 50 years younger before signing their "attendance"

A favourite spot to have a shot for posterity. The plaque is to commemorate the visit.

Browsing through the historical items at the gallery.
Master Timothy Chee is looking at the drama posters.

Catching up old times even at the gallery.
Lunch at the food court. 

It was then lunch time at the food court before the group said goodbye. Goodbye is not appropriate actually. Many old boys have not even left St Michael's. SMI, for many,many old boys, is still their HOME.


Francis said...

Many thanks to SMI Principal, teachers and boys for the memorable reception given to our group on this auspicious occasion.

chou said...

i am proud of can help school to do this... helping sir decorate this and that in the gallery room ... proud of smi! ;)