Monday, November 22, 2010


Among the special guests at the gathering were YB Kula, MP for Ipoh Barat, YB Fong Po Kuan, MP for Batu Gajah, YB Thomas Su, assembyman of Pasir Pinji and Dato Brother Vincent Corkery.   
The junior prefects were invited to be part of the celebration. They did a marvelous job in keeping the residents occupied.
Sister Henrietta giving a speech, thanking the OMA for a job well done. She also thanked Riverview Rubber Estates Bhd for meeting the expenses in replacing the entire roof of Asrama Bintang due to termite and leakage problems. The expenditure involved was RM 70,000. 

Mr Adrian Tsen, OMA president, contributed some cash to the Home.
Some of the residents enjoying the food served that evening.
Our prefects mingling with their "sisters". Second from right is Sister Mary Michael. On her left is Mr Bobby Chew.

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