Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This news is long overdue. Nevertheless, it's still relevant. St Michael's tuckshop (known as that during the 60s, 70s and early 80s), canteen and now, foodcourt was awarded the first prize by the state department of health in 2008.
It was evaluated for its cleanliness, proper maintenance and operation. We must congratulate Brother Matthew Bay for his meticulous planning and outstanding management. Imagine how many schools are there in the state and  obtaining the top prize is a great achievement and an honour for St Michael's. A mention to all Michaelians for appreciating our foodcourt. Keep it that way for many more years!


The blog spots a new design, aptly reflective of the school colour. A new outlook, a new perspective and a new spirit. This blog, will continue to inform and reach out to all.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The school is as busy as ever. Exams are still on with STPM and SPM students determined  to give their best shot. Parents are flocking over to get their children's necessities for next year. Many others are also enquiring how to get their charges transfered over to St Michael's. The scouts could be seen preparing for their next camp at Sam Tet School.
While all these happenings take place at the ground floor, many are unaware that workmen are busy hammering, chiseling and plastering at the chapel, which is located on the 2nd floor.
Brother Matthew Bay is currently commissioning the work there. Started on November 11, major repair work carried out involved the wooden beams, ceiling, doors and floor. Broken glass panels of the doors are slated to be replaced.

Lightings and wiring have been fixed. A few difficult-to-obtain antique-looking bulb covers have also been acquired. (Thanks to Mr John Bosco, our office assistant for his effort). Brother Matthew said works are still on-going with the next one being to varnish the floor parquet and replace shattered door panel glass.
Note: All photos above by Brother Matthew Bay. Many thanks.

PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee sent in these photos, expressing this via e-mail.
"I had a look at the chapel and loved the work done. I hope that the chapel will be used properly". 

The opening of the chapel heralds our efforts towards the centennial celebrations, which kick off next year. Many programs and plans are in the pipeline. Everyone is counted to be part of the grand and joyous celebration. We are still looking forward to contribution from caring Michaelians. 

20th National Lasallian Leaders' Convention

For the first time, St Joseph's International Singapore sends its delegates. 
It's on from December 6 to 11, 2010 at La Salle Centre. Seventy eight delegates, accompanied by 12 teachers attended the convention which is themed, " Forward With Faith". Among the schools attending are:
St Francis' Malacca, St Andrew's Muar, St George's Taiping, St Joseph's Kuching, La Salle Kota Kinabalu and St Anthony's Teluk Intan.
Delegates all ears at the meet.
Delegates also come from St Martin's Tambunan, Sabah, St Joseph's Institution Singapore. St Joseph's Institution International, Singapore and St Patrick's Singapore.
A total of 16 schools, including St Michael's Ipoh and St Xavier's Penang, are at the convention.
Teachers, including Brother Michael Kum from SFI, are at the convention.
Anil Netto is one of the speakers at the convention.
It aims at experiencing La Sallian solidarity as a lived reality. It also hopes to discover spirituality and realise its importance in empowering persons to effectively bring about personal and societal change.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Reflection

Thanks Mr Harneak for that.