Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This news is long overdue. Nevertheless, it's still relevant. St Michael's tuckshop (known as that during the 60s, 70s and early 80s), canteen and now, foodcourt was awarded the first prize by the state department of health in 2008.
It was evaluated for its cleanliness, proper maintenance and operation. We must congratulate Brother Matthew Bay for his meticulous planning and outstanding management. Imagine how many schools are there in the state and  obtaining the top prize is a great achievement and an honour for St Michael's. A mention to all Michaelians for appreciating our foodcourt. Keep it that way for many more years!


david said...

Would like to visit back school because college new sem starts. Hope something fantastic might happen in the school :D

kok keat.

AlexYoongShen said...

Bravo,SMI!Hope that Michaelians continue to march forward with pride to bring SMI to a greater height as a prestigious educational institution.

Being a proud ex-Michaelian, I'm always glad to suggest my university friends to visit SMI whenever they are in Ipoh. Hope to visit SMI's food court, gallery, chapel and of course, the lovely and dedicated Michaelian teachers before I leave for my studies overseas next year. Good job and all the best, Michaelian teachers and students ;)

Henry Yew said...

Many of my friends could not believe that SMI has such a big food court with a great variety of food, ranging from that of Malay, Chinese and Indian! In other schools there are just one or two stalls in their canteens with limited choices, but in SMI it is a different matter altogether!

Till today I still miss the food in SMI, and occasionally when I visit the school, I would still enjoy a meal there. In terms of cleanliness, I daresay that food courts in some institutions of higher learning must come to SMI to get a pointer or two.

On a side note, though, the Ministry of Health should have been more careful about spelling the name of the school correctly.

Yew Guo Zheng
(class of 5Sc1 year 2005)