Thursday, January 20, 2011


St Michael's produced 53 straight As students this year. Heartiest congratulations and may this success prompts you to work harder. michaelianpix by Corrinne Mah

School Leaders' Installation Day

We pledge ourselves..... (from left) Toon Kah Chuen (head librarian), Tan Tinh Chern (head prefect) and Tan Xinh Guan (head monitor).
St Michael's has traditionally set aside a day to acknowledge its leaders - the prefects, monitors and librarians. It was an occasion witnessed by all students and teachers. Chief Inspector Ramesh Nagayah, SMI's liaison police officer, was the guest-of-honour.

Chief Inspector Ramesh giving out appointment certificate to a librarian.

The monitors at attention.

The prefects
We congratulate all leaders and may the appointments serve as a platform in grooming and nurturing your leadership skills. It is imperative that as leaders we must continue to assist the weak and care for the last, the lost and the least. The calling as leaders offers us a chance not only to better ourselves but an opportunity to show that we care and have a heart of compassion.
Note: All pictures by Ms Corrinne Mah

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reporting On The Form One Orientation Program

"I can answer that Brother", said the boys.
There were a registered number of 302 students coming in for Form One. The number is believed to be higher come next week as many (those who applied earlier to come to St Michael's but were rejected) are awaiting decisions from the education department as to their appeals. We still have nine Form One classes. If there are forty students in a class, then we can afford to take in another 58 students - making it a total of 360 students. Let's see.
Enthusiastic Michaelians being groomed and nurtured. 
Symbolic....Brother Vincent welcoming the boys through a handshake. Just as he remembered shaking hands with the first headmaster of SMI, Mr PJ Morsingh, Brother Vincent wanted the gesture to be remembered by the boys for many years to come.  
For the orientation program, among the line-up for the freshies were talks on school culture and ethos, the theme for SMI this year, school history and the life of John Baptist De La Salle. Exposure to Michaelian heritage and ideals was splendid this year. For the first time, we arranged for a five-day long programme for the students. As usual, induction sessions were also held by the MCO and Michaelian Military Band.
Michaelian Chinese Orchestra members preparing for their presentation.
We are pleased with the progress and the level of understanding of the students after the end of the orientation program. Brother Vincent Corkery, in showing his tremendous support for the program, even turned up in his white robe to talk to the boys about his life in St Michael's and the life of our founder. Students were astonished to see the man many have been talking about even since their primary school days!
MMB members mesmerizing the boys with their musical skills.
I am very pleased with the program and with the inculcation of this very useful exposure, I look forward to more matured and stronger Michaelians.
Another generation of Michaelians.
Signing off,
Peter Khiew


Below is a report from Brother Matthew Bay. As promised, we endeavor to update all contributors on the work carried out and the money spent. As and when required, maintenance works would be carried out from time to time to ensure the chapel is kept spick and span. Thank you again for responding to our call.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

HILARY SANTA MARIA- Former St Paul's Principal 1998-2004

January 13, 2011- Mr Hilary is recovering. We will continue to support him in prayers. 
I have been in Kuching since yesterday and shall leave here for home on Monday 10th January at 4.45pm.
Stephen Ho has informed me that Hilary is now at the 5b  neuro ward on the 2nd floor GH KL.
.Mrs. Hilary Sta Maria has sms d to say that his temperature has "dropped a bit' and he sleeps like having been "sedated".

Let us continue to pray for him.

Another Update:
Dear La Sallians & Friends,
Just an update - Hilary is now in the "High Dependency Ward" - 4th Floor, General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur.
His temperature has come down to normal and is able to talk.  He needs a lot of rest and visitors are not encouraged.
We must continue with our prayers for his recovery.

From Tan Sri Chan Choong Tak

My dear La Sallians,
This is to inform you that La Sallian Hilary Santa Maria, president of OPA is now in the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.
He was transferred there yesterday from the Seremban General Hospital to which I am told that he was admitted on Christmas Day.
He had fever and was first suspected to be infected with dengue.  However, it was not dengue and his condition deteriorated.  He was admitted to the ICU. His brain seemed to have been affected and he could not speak properly.  I understand that he has now been transferred to KL Gen Hospital because Seremban Gen. Hospital does not have the expertise and facilities needed.
Let us pray for his speedy recovery.

This is forwarded by Mr Adrian Tsen, OMA president. 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Interesting things are coming. PMR results, orientation week report, etc.
Coming soon!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011