Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reporting On The Form One Orientation Program

"I can answer that Brother", said the boys.
There were a registered number of 302 students coming in for Form One. The number is believed to be higher come next week as many (those who applied earlier to come to St Michael's but were rejected) are awaiting decisions from the education department as to their appeals. We still have nine Form One classes. If there are forty students in a class, then we can afford to take in another 58 students - making it a total of 360 students. Let's see.
Enthusiastic Michaelians being groomed and nurtured. 
Symbolic....Brother Vincent welcoming the boys through a handshake. Just as he remembered shaking hands with the first headmaster of SMI, Mr PJ Morsingh, Brother Vincent wanted the gesture to be remembered by the boys for many years to come.  
For the orientation program, among the line-up for the freshies were talks on school culture and ethos, the theme for SMI this year, school history and the life of John Baptist De La Salle. Exposure to Michaelian heritage and ideals was splendid this year. For the first time, we arranged for a five-day long programme for the students. As usual, induction sessions were also held by the MCO and Michaelian Military Band.
Michaelian Chinese Orchestra members preparing for their presentation.
We are pleased with the progress and the level of understanding of the students after the end of the orientation program. Brother Vincent Corkery, in showing his tremendous support for the program, even turned up in his white robe to talk to the boys about his life in St Michael's and the life of our founder. Students were astonished to see the man many have been talking about even since their primary school days!
MMB members mesmerizing the boys with their musical skills.
I am very pleased with the program and with the inculcation of this very useful exposure, I look forward to more matured and stronger Michaelians.
Another generation of Michaelians.
Signing off,
Peter Khiew

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