Thursday, February 24, 2011


The Centennial Celebration Committee headed by Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian and ably assisted by Mr Adrian Tsen has been meeting monthly since August last year to plan for our 100 years celebrations. This is a mammoth task as the celebration involves many quarters and many, many Michaelians. 
We discussed myriad of programs to usher in the centenary do and when we do that, being meticulous is the key. St Michael's pays importance to programs which in the long run benefit the younger generations of Michaelians. With the completion of the Lecture Theatre and chapel recently, we believe we have accomplished what are required of us. 
Over the last five years, the school community has attained something which is beyond imagination. The concerted efforts of SMI, the BOG, PIBG and old boys saw the replacement of the entire roof of the main building, construction of the pavilion, covered pathway, paving of interlocking bricks, new meeting room and many other miscellaneous projects. My salute to all!
As we approach the centenary, it is time we look into another realm of development in St Michael's - youth formation. It is time for character building, time to reflect on how we can energise the current Michaelians and bring them to a deeper sharing and participation in the Lasallian tradition and Mission.
We must capitalize on the centenary to reach out to the needy - the last, the lost and the least, uplifting the lives of the poor and youth at-risk by generating creative ideas and implementing valuable programs that harness the potential and energy of the youth.
That will be our pledge towards the 100th year and beyond. For me, the celebration will be more meaningful that way. When the curtain falls in December 2012, we can still look back and say, "sons of St Michael's you are still valiant and true". 

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