Thursday, February 10, 2011


Any old boys especially those from the 70s would bear testimony that the lecture theatre was previously a mini cinema, showing movies and documentaries - kind courtesy of the Brothers who had their ways in acquiring great shows, mainly British war movies, from their contacts overseas. Students would queue up quietly and obediently to get a seat at the theatre for some 90-minute of good entertainment.
The lecture theatre was also heavily used from the 80s right up to the end of 2010, faithfully accommodating hundreds of seminars, talks and lectures. Students used it for their brain storming sessions and discussions. Teachers, on the other hands, had countless of meetings and staff development programs. We have always been very proud of the lecture theatre, which is widely considered a gem by Michaelians. Located on the groundfloor, just behind the school foyer, it took a while for many to realise that heavy usage had taken a toll on it.
A shot taken inside the theatre.
A worker removing the benches

Early last year, discussions were held between the school, the BOG, PIBG and the OMA on plans to "rejuvenate" the theatre. Brother Matthew Bay, as usual, had to put on his thinking cap to come up with the floor plan, which later won the stamp of approval. It is the very design which transforms the theatre.
After a few rounds of serious sessions, the BOG and PIBG agreed to finance the entire project. We must mention Brother Vincent, Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, Mr Adrian Tsen, Mr Joseph Michael Lee and Mr Phoon Chong Chee for the amazing team spirit in making another praise-worthy project a success.
The signature long benches and tables were removed. 

A clever design - an elevated platform which makes the theatre stands out. We can see Brother Vincent and Master Noel Oliveiro in the picture. 

It is going to look like this later when chairs are permanently placed on the platform. All pictures courtesy of Brother Matthew Bay.
This accomplishment marks another feather in the cap towards St Michael's Centennial Celebrations!!


Jalenoes said...

Looks like it seats less people than the original design. The wooden benches had a very historical feel about them. You just don't find them around anymore.

Joel said...

Jalenoes, wooden seats are also very easily damaged and will cost a lot to maintain and repair them.That was why they had to renovate it, the previous lecture theatre was threatening to collapse any time before it got renovated.

I don't think the school is planning to fit an entire form of students right in the lecture theatre right? So about 3-4 classes would be ideal, there's no need to put so many seats when too many students in the lecture theatre can never be productive for any session that would be held there.

Ivan Tan said...

plastic chairs which are movable for the seats? it doesn't look grand..

Peter Khiew said...

The chairs are temporarily placed there for workers to work on the distance between each chair and the actual placement. The design, cost and colour of the chairs will be discussed during the forthcoming centennial meeting soon. Brother Matthew will brief the committee on this.
The legs of the chairs will be mounted onto the floor.