Friday, April 29, 2011

Old Boys Returned With A Mission

A shot taken at the Michaelian Heritage Gallery ..From right, Benjamin, Tuck Weng, Harneak and Thomas. pkpix by Peter Khiew

Two old boys from the class of 80' returned to the alma mater for a walk down memory lane. They are Loke Tuck Weng and Benjamin Lee Kwet Ki. Both were taken for a tour by another two old boys, Thomas Wong and Harneak Singh. They had so much to share and talk about - old days with their masters ( that was how we addressed our teachers those days at St Michael's), their pals and the Brothers. They visited the chapel and the Michaelian Heritage Gallery. The boys were greatly impressed with the efforts carried out to maintain these iconic places in the school. Coincidentally, all four, together with this blogger are from the same year.

At the Foodcourt
Before we proceeded to the tuck-shop ( now we call it foodcourt), Tuck Weng, expressing his happiness, contributed RM500 while Benjamin, who currently works overseas, presented a sum of RM10,000 to SMI Development Fund. Another buddy, Foo Chee Khoon, will be in town soon to pass over a cheque of RM5,000. This is Michaelian Spirit!
Cherishing Our Past, Embracing The Future"

Thanks buddies,
Peter Khiew

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