Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Striking Resemblance

The picture above was most likely taken in the early 70s in one of the classrooms of St Michael's One- the boys together with the Brothers, headmaster and teachers. The most striking pose comes from the boy sitting at the second row. The second photo was taken a week ago of a Form One class. He looks very much like the boy in the 70s. I showed him the photo. He was amazed to see someone like him. Asked him whether his father or uncle studied at St Michael's. He said no. Anyway, Happy Centennial, SMI !!


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ChuahTC said...

First picture looks more like it was taken in the 1960s - notice the bright sunny background (I remember we already have shade from the trees in 1972 when I started primary school), the width of the necktie.
Headmaster Mr Lim Guan Choe retired in 1971. On his right is Mr Khoo Kok Hean.