Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bandboys - You Are The Pride Of SMI

A write-up on MMB in 1963

Michaelian Military Band has been around since 1960. For more than 50 years, the boys have never failed to impress everyone, in school, at state functions, National Day parades or exchange programmes between schools. This indispensable entity of SMI plays a very important  part in school functions during visits of foreign and local dignitaries, ministers, guests or old boys. They are the ones who, with their drums, clarinets and trumpets, make the occasions joyous and meaningful. We salute these disciplined and highly committed young men for their untiring efforts for the love of St Michael's.

Today, Michaelian Military Band is strong, steadily growing in sync with St Michael's. The recent public concert at Dewan Puan Sri Leong Wan Ching said it all. Strongly supported by parents and public at large, the hall was filled with eager and enthusiastic audience, about 400, wanting to witness the group many people have been talking about. Just after the second number, "Romanesque" by James Swearingen, the audience knew the band has the substance.
Concerts like this should be performed at a hall with acoustics properties, emphasizing on how sound travels from the musicians to a listener, including reflections from the walls, ceiling, floor and other objects. They were at a multi-purpose hall. Overlooking all these, the boys still managed to pull through with gusto! 
Their final numbers of "Bridge Of Glory" and "We Are The World" by Frank Bernaerts, a verdict was reached. The boys were able to impress the crowd.
Hats off to advisers, Mr Liew Boon Keat and Mr Tiong Hong Chai for a marvelous job. To the boys, a splendid and superb performance.         

The audience that evening
The boys in action
Look at their determination and confidence.
The evening's programme book

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