Sunday, May 22, 2011

How We Salvaged A Forty-Year Old Table

Just like an unpolished stone, this table was discarded and left to rot outside the school main hall, unwanted. Probably no one realised its aesthetic value and hidden charm. 
It was left there for quite a while.We did not know how it got there. 
The table top was in bad shape with its surface all roughed up over the years of neglect. The Michaelian Heritage team recognised its potential, believing that the table, probably about 40 years old, can be restored. 
Quickly, we enlisted the help of about ten Form One boys to get it carted from the ground floor to the first floor. It was hard work, considering its weight but the writing table finally found a safe place. 
We then contacted our regular carpenter man. He was somewhere at the old town when he received our call.   
The condition of the table when the team spotted it. It is so heavy that we needed about 10 Form One students to carry the table to the gallery.

The table is examined closely before works are carried out. The Heritage team ensures that items meant for restoration are strictly reinstated to their original condition.
The first thing he said about the table was it is an exquisite item. "Just take a look at the wood. It is hardwood and nowadays we cannot find anymore of this material. Look at the drawers and the four legs. They are all hand-made using basic carpentry tools," Ah Choy, who has some 30 years of experience under his sleeves, said.  

Tomorrow...we shall take a look at the writing table after it was restored.


AlexYoongShen said...

May I know if the Heritage Gallery will be opened for public visit, especially for ex-Michaelians? I asked my brother who's still studying and was told that it's usually open only during special occasions for VIP's visit.

Peter Khiew said...

Old Michaelians are definitely welcomed. Since its inception, the gallery has opened its doors to more than 200 old boys and their family members who came for a walk down memory lane and of course, the Heritage Gallery is one of their favourites. However, the heritage team has to be notified in advance. Contact us through this blog and let us know how many are coming so that arrangements can be made to accommodate our guests.

AlexYoongShen said...

Glad to know to that. Great offer of hospitality, I must say! I just brought a group of friends from other states to visit SMI today and they were definitely very amazed by SMI's architecture and school facilities (not to forget the classy washrooms). However, there is one thing that I would like to inquire. Does the dresscode (such as no short pants and singlet for girls) apply to school visitors too? This would be a concern to me the next time I bring my friends to visit.