Saturday, June 18, 2011


Below is a write-up I posted on March 10, 2010.

Imagine having our Old Michaelians Association reunion banquet at a hall near the school and walk down memory lane after dinner. Look at this possibility, which is not impossible, as the old boys have been renting the hall of Red Crescent for years to hold its celebrations do. 
The hall, to be administered by the La Salle secretariat, could also cater comfortably for the school drama, accommodating a bigger number of audience and offering a better sound system.
St Michael's to have a hall like this? How wonderful. 
We must say that St Michael's has never failed to realise its dream of achieving anything because its fraternity believes in the impossible.
Three years ago, no one would have thought of having a four-storey primary school building built to replace the five-decade old, dilapidated St Michael's 1 and 2 premises. 
Now, the U-Paul Building stands proudly to greet its sons day and night, a clear testimony of individuals who want to make a change. 
The walkway, the pavilion, the OMA secretariat, the passage to the school office, the changing of rooftop and the completed work at the 50-year-old science laboratory are St Michael's notable and inspiring projects to usher in its Centennial Celebrations, comes 2012.
"The realisation of a new hall, theatre and multi-storeyed car park building is likened to placing the last piece into the jigsaw puzzle- a culmination of sorts for the Michaelian Agenda," said Mr Phoon Chong Chee, SMI principal.

Mr Adrian Tsen, president of the OMA, had once brought up this ambitious project with the old boys during one of the meetings. Known for his prowess in far-sightedness and being a visionary, the school hopes that Mr Adrian could review the project again.
Perhaps, the PIBG head, Mr Joseph Michael Lee, Dato' Seri Lee Oi Hian, chairman of the Board of Governors, parents and well-wishers could be roped in too to make this another reality.

Write in and let us know what you think.
Note from the Editorial: The response is amazing from many old boys, parents and Ipoh folks. Some of the feedbacks are:
a. Not only OMA related functions but wedding receptions, birthday dinners and annual gatherings can be held in the hall. The secretariat will work out the rental.
b. Many said the hall will be suitable for badminton or some indoor games. Again, the secretariat will work that out by the hour.
c. Holding of seminars by virtually any professionals.
d. Computer and book fairs and rental to any private functions.
e. Corporate dinners by workers from TAIKO, KLK and companies.
f. Cultural performances, youth meetings from the LA SALLE and gatherings.
g. Convocations by any institutions of higher studies.


m3lv said...
It is achievable. Nothing is impossible!! Seeing my own school develop every year just amazed me!! Frankly speaking, I'm proud to show my friends my school!!Our school!! Our Institution!!Every time when I make a visit to Ipoh with my friends, SMI is one of the MUST visit destination ^^ If the new school hall project could be launch, that'll be fantastic!! Possible to build the hall by 2012? It will be nice if its possible =)
Manmathan said...
Well, as far as i can remember Mr. Louis once told the student about this project. Hope it will become a reality.

A Note To Followers of the blog:
Something has developed from the article above. This is going to be the STORY of the year. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's good news. St Michael's scored excellently in MUET this year, with one student getting a band 6, a perfect score. A band 6 student is defined as a very good user and has a very good command of the language. He or she is highly expressive, fluent, accurate and appropriate language: hardly any inaccuracies. Possesses a very good understanding of language and contexts. Functions extremely well in the language.
Tung (standing, second from left) and his classmates. Thanks to Ivan Tan for the picture.
Out of 174 students, one got a band 6. He is TUNG KENG FAI from USS1, a Michaelian since Form One. Thirty three scored band 5, 83- band 4, 57 scored band 3 and 17 with band 2. None got band 1. What excites Michaelians is we are better than many schools with Form Six in Perak, beating even ACS. Our long-standing tradition in English speaking culture bears fruit. Congratulations, Tung and all others, including teachers!
Michaelians Are Great! We have many reasons to celebrate our 100 years!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sincere Gift to Alma Mater

FIFTY years after they left school, a group of former students from St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh donated RM50,000 towards the Michaelians Give Back Fund at the school’s alumni dinner recently.
Speaking on behalf of the 16 “old boys” present at the dinner – who completed their Form Five in 1961 – Choo Jee Sam said that members of the group from that year, who now reside in the Klang Valley, meet up every two months for friendship and networking.
It was during one of these sessions that they decided to raise the sum RM50,000 — or RM1,000 for each year since they had left the school.
Proceeds from the Give Back Fund are donated to the school to disburse to needy students to help them continue their studies there, including covering costs for books, uniforms, and commuting to school.
“Our group includes prominent lawyers, architects, engineers, government servants, other professionals and businessmen who are all successful in their own ways,” said Choo.
“We all have fond memories of St. Michael’s and are grateful for the solid educational foundation, the discipline, camaraderie and the ‘Michaelian spirit’ which shaped us to be what we are today.
The St. Michael Institution class of 1961 presenting a mock cheque to the fund’s chairman Dr Benen Foo Ban Nyen.

“While few of us continued after leaving school to obtain a degree, for most of us, it was hard work and perseverance which made us successful,” he added.
Students and teachers alike also recalled their memories of their time at the school.
“St. Michael’s has character, and the brothers and teachers placed the interests of the students first,” said former teacher Jeyaram Nair, who taught Geography at the school from 1961 to 1974.
Jerry Rajendram, who completed Form Five in 1978, also fondly remembers his late teacher Eugene Almeida and his hockey coach Noel Oliveiro. He proudly recalled that the hockey team from St. Michael’s was the first school team to represent Perak for the Razak Cup (now the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup).
“Brother Ultan Paul, Brother Vincent Corkery, Louis Rodrigues and Oh Teik Toh were amazing teachers who made us who we are today,” said Rajendram.
On a humorous note, student Ralph Steven Davies, who left the school in 1966, recalled the time when he went to the school tuck shop (now called “food court”) to buy several pieces of ice cream potong for his friends.
“I put them in my trouser pocket and was caught by Brother Paul (the principal) who detained me while the ice cream melted, staining my pants, before he let me go,” said Davies, now a senior executive with a public listed company.
“The greatest thing about St. Michael’s was the friends, camaraderie and the freedom to just be yourself,” said financial consultant Adrian Ho, who completed Form Six in 1994.
“Besides academic study, my participation in extra-curricular activities such as societies, sports and school plays all provided a holistic education which helped me able to deal with the real world.
“Meanwhile, the teachers were also a big influence,” he added.
Ho fondly recalled Brother Gerry Louis, who directed the school’s production of The Wizard of Oz, which Ho acted in. The play was also where he met his future wife; they now have two children.
Information Technology project manager Chan Yat Choong cherishes the many good friends he made at St. Michael’s since Year One, 30 years ago, and how the school provided them with the building blocks which helped them succeed in adulthood.
The friendships were great. Although we got into trouble, we learned to trust people and today, I trust my new colleagues from the start. As a result, our company has a closely knit team,” said Chan.
The Star - May 29, 2011 (Sunday)
Note: Look closely at the underlined sentences. These are the wonderful characteristics of St Michael's we cherish so much. These old Michaelians will be at St Michael's this Friday at 9.45am. Refer to "What's Next At St Michael's" column on your right for details.