Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Eventful 84th Sports Day

Themed, "Cherishing Our Past, Embracing The Future", St Michael's marched into the Centennial celebration with a bang! Attended by some 2,000 students, parents and old boys, the Sports Day truly reflected the spirit of valor, unity and a sense of pride of all Michaelians.
Oath-taking ceremony infront of VIPs. From left, Mr Phoon Chong Chee (principal), En Mohammed Iqbal (guest of honour), Dato' Brother Vincent and Mr Joseph Michael Lee (PIBG chairman)
Participants gave their best in the 100m, 200m, 400m and inter-schools relays.
Event that stole the limelight year after year was the colourful and vibrant march past participated by students of all classes. For three weeks, our boys and girls practised very hard to deliver their very best. Each tried to outdo one another and that spirit was instrumental in making the march past even more interesting.
The ever-helpful and committed members of the MMB.
One student said that the inter-class march past was the reason he came to school even on a Saturday. Many cancelled their tuition classes while a handful postponed their trips outstation - all for the sake of witnessing the march past and to meet up their friends.
Form One boys, in their specially-designed T-shirts, waiting for their turn to march.
Students showing the medals of their efforts. 
Preparations are instrumental especially to demonstrate a feat like this.
That's Michaelian spirit we are talking about.
Brother Matthew Bay presenting medals to winners. 
The people behind the scene -those who ensured the AVA worked well,  timing of each event and  management of students' movement.
These are our old boys who have never failed to render their support to the alma mater.
Brother Matthew (left) is focussing on an expensive shot!
Thanks Michaelians, young and old! I believe we are heading for a great year.

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