Friday, July 01, 2011

KL Alumni Visit To Alma Mater

June 17, 2011
A visit to the alma mater by members of the SMI Alumni KL, headed by its president Mr Michael Lip, brought back many happy memories for some old boys who shared about their school days with student leaders. 
Earlier, the alumni were ceremoniously welcomed by the Michaelian Military Band and school administrators. Programs included giving out of bursary, cheque presentation to the PIBG and MMB and walk down memory lane, which included a visit to the chapel and Michaelian Heritage Gallery. 
Old boys who shared their stories were Mr Henry Kok King Yan,Mr Louis Rodrigues, his wife Mrs Anne Rodrigues, Mr Adrian Rodrigues, Mr Thomas Nathan and Major Dato' Salehuddin. 
The arrival of the entourage and welcoming by the military band.

Master Louis sharing his years at SMI with the audience

What a day at St Michael's. The home-coming of the alumni has indeed  inspired the  boys and girls.
From left (Mr Phoon, Mr Michael Lip, Major Salehuddin, Mr Foo, Mr Henry, Brother Vincent and Mr Louis)
Reminiscing the importance and seriousness when singing the School Rally. Picture shows Mr Louis Rodrigues conducting the singing of the school song.
The visit to the heritage gallery.
Walk down memory lane at the heritage gallery.
It was a visit enjoyed very much by both students and SMI KL alumni members. Looking forward to seeing all of you again next year. 

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