Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Multi-Purpose Hall At St Michael's

The Centennial Hall at SMI?
Ever since we posted the article on June 18 about the multi-purpose hall, we have been bombarded with calls and e-mails about the project. Many wanted to find out more about it. Obviously, these people sounded extremely excited and voiced their support for such project.
As stated earlier, we can hold and organise Old Michaelians Association related functions like its annual banquet and annual gatherings. The hall would be the perfect venue for badminton, table-tennis, swimming pool and many more indoor games. We can also hold seminars, talks and conferences catering to professionals. 
As spacious and strategically-located multi-purpose halls are scarce in Ipoh, the SMI hall could accommodate the needs to run computer and book fairs, wedding receptions and activities involving youths and adults.
The hall can serve as excellent venue to hold private functions for annual corporate dinners by staff and employees from factories, offices and multi-national companies. 
We can also have a corner for cafeteria, catering to old boys and former teachers, which brings us to the idea of setting up a Club House for old Michaelians.
The hall could also cater comfortably for the school drama, accommodating a bigger number of audience and offering a better sound system.

St Michael's Club House?

This project is undoubtedly St Michael's most notable project to usher in its Centennial Celebrations.
Many are keeping their fingers crossed as to how we can help realise the building of the hall which might come to a region of RM5 million.
Well-wishers, benefactors, old boys, near and far, have to be roped in for support. 
Again we have to appeal to Mr Adrian Tsen, the President of OMA, to make another Michaelian dream come true. PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee, who also sits on the Centennial Celebration committee, can definitely help to work that dream. We need these duo to be the driving force!
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