Thursday, July 21, 2011

Preparations For Sports Day

Unusually hot weather takes a heavy toll on the grass which has turned brown.
Fortunately, afternoon session teachers and students ensure the grass stays alive by giving the lawn a generous amount of water every evening. Thanks Cikgu Zulkarnain!
A rare sight. Where are the boys? They are at the field for a march past full rehearsal.

 A band boy dwarfs by the drums. Members have been practising hard for the Sports.
Committed and hardy - these are the traits of our Michaelian Military Band members.
Finishing touches - A Form One boy with a banner. He definitely looks forward to attending the Sports Day.

Tigers? Form One students and their creation. Come Sports Day we will witness some 50 banners on display , reflecting a strong presence of what Michaelian Spirit is all about.
Fifth Formers. This tug-of-war team is going into the final on Saturday. 
St Michael's Sports Day - July 23, Saturday, 8am. It is an event still breathes life to all Michaelians. Come in green and white, let's the celebration going.

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ken said...

i surely miss the days i was back in school.. practicing band formation for sports day as well as the class formation :)