Saturday, July 02, 2011

Talk On The Michaelian Tradition

Mr Louis Rozario Doss was at St Michael's to give a talk on the Michaelian heritage and tradition. The event, part of the line-up in conjunction with the school's centennial celebration program, was aimed at instilling in the boys a renewed strength in their faith, zeal and service to the community. 
Mr Louis touched on the many Michaelians and Lasallians who excelled remarkably well in their areas of studies and now taking root at the upper echelons of government, industry and society.
He said that Lasalle schools stand for:
1.Excellence in teaching
2.The importance of community
3. Service to the poor
4. Education that fosters faith development
First former Jack, the great grandson of Master Lim Guan Choe, the first headmaster of SMI Primary One, was introduced to Mr Louis who was obviously thrilled to meet the young boy.
The Form One and Form Two students obviously felt rejuvenated and inspired after the talk. The Form Four students are waiting for their session with Mr Louis. Lower Six students, who are from many different schools, should also be given the Lasallian exposure. 
Thank you Mr Louis for your time with us. 

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David Shum said...

seeing all this pohtos gives me goosebumps!!!...Fond memories...would like to be back someday to walk the corridor...