Sunday, July 03, 2011

Vintage KDK Fan Found Its Way To The Gallery

The vintage KDK fan, easily 40 years old, is discovered in a room on the top floor.

View from the side

Now, the fan gets a place at the gallery.
I have been eyeing the vintage KDK fan when I chanced upon it a year ago at the PERBAMA (Bahasa Malaysia Society) room. It works very well, with quiet motor and blades which propel strong wind. Even the regulator is still working. The fan has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, a feature which is not easy to come by these days.
After identifying a spot at the gallery, it was time to get the fan over. The vintage fan is now installed at the side of the main door. As for the room where the fan was taken from, we asked the electrician to fix another fan inside - a Panasonic.    

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m3lv said...

wow! And that fan is still working! Priceless!