Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Look... Who Came To St Michael's

The two masters - Thomas Choo and Timothy Chee. They pose in front of a mural painted by Timothy some 25 years ago. We hope the school will retain the mural for posterity. The other one is near the Marian Library. All the other masterpieces are gone due to age and  natural elements. 
St Michael's old boys, former teachers, one a Queen's Scout and the other a King's Scout paid a visit to the alma mater for a stroll down memory lane. Master Thomas is a Queen's Scout and Master Timothy, the King's. Both still look very fit, judging from their posture, voice and body weight. Timothy visits the gym without fail every morning while Thomas does what he learnt in school - community service. He regularly goes around helping the poor, giving his time and resources to homes for the disabled and underpriviledged children.

Brotherly bonding - The brothers and Mr Solaiappan, the kacang putih man. They have known each other for almost half a century. 
Timothy Chee, besides toning up his muscles, also keeps himself busy doing artwork, updating his Facebook quite frequently and occasionally travels to KL to help his son in his work. 
Both felt so happy to be back in school. We wish them well. 


Charles Chow said...


I'm Charles Kok Weng Chow. Mr. Timothy Chee was my Form 1 class teacher in 1968. If someone can let me know his email address, I would like to write to him. I've emigrated to NZ many years ago and wish to contact Michaelians whom I was acquainted with during those memorable years.

jerrychin said...

Hi, I am Chin Choy Ping (SMI, Form 1, 1968, B stream). Are you the Chow Kok Weng that I knew?

Ooi Teng Kok said...

Hi Chow Kok Weng did you study at La Salle Pri before got to SMI.

I'm Ooi Teng Kok.

1968 Form1A1. Mr Timothy Chee was my art teacher