Sunday, August 07, 2011

St Michael's Centennial Signboard Is Up!

Centennial signboard stands proudly fronting the alma mater.
At about 3pm on Saturday, August 6, a 16-foot signboard specially designed to usher in the Centennial Celebration was put up fronting the Ipoh Padang, thus visually accessible to  virtually everyone who passes by Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam (previously Clayton Road).
On the signboard, which details the ideals of La Salle education and its mission, also honours outstanding and remarkable luminaries like John Baptist de La Salle, founder Father JB Coppins, first headmaster Mr P.J. Morsingh, architect of St Michael's building, Brother Vernier Augustus, Brother Ultan Paul and Brother Vincent Corkery.
We also honour our illustrious old boy and benefactor Mr Adrian Tsen, former principal Mr Louis Rozario Doss, PIBG chief Mr Joseph Michael Lee, former teachers Master Timothy Chee and Mr Noel Oliveiro.
We remember St Michael's debaters and great sportsmen like Dato Tan Yee Khan, Dato Ng Boon Bee, Mr Foo Keat Seong and Mr Louis Rodrigues. Personalities like Brother Matthew Bay and Brother Visitor Edmundo Fernandez are also being depicted.
A worker (Mr Ben) fixing the signboard. Looking proudly are two  Michaelians.
Symbolically represented on the banner is an old photo of the La Salle Brothers. They represent the tireless efforts and true sacrifices towards education of all Brothers in Malaysia and around the world today. We also credit past and current educators at St Michael's.
Centennial celebrations are only made complete when the current generations of Michaelians and Lasallians are mentioned. The banner rightly portrays the photo of a group of young men looking smart, confident and orderly. These are the traits St Michael's has successfully groomed in its boys and girls - past and present.
My hats off to all Michaelians. We live to witness a great day.
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