Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Visit of The Honorable Brother Visitor Edmundo Fernandez

The banner we put up to welcome Brother Visitor Edmundo.
It is now kept at the Michaelian Heritage Gallery to commemorate the  visit.
Brother Visitor Edmundo Fernandez made an official working visit to St Michael's on July 20, 2011 at 7.30am, meeting up with the teachers and students at the assembly ground. He was accompanied by Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery, Brother Thomas Lavin, Brother Anthony Rogers and Brother Matthew Bay.
Brother Visitor addressing fellow Michaelians.
Brother Edmundo is currently serving under the newly-formed LEAD which stands for Lasallian East Asia District, which covers seven countries - Hong Kong, Japan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, each headed by a Sector Director.
Previously, the region of Pacific Asia was named PARC region, one of the six regions in the Lasallian world. 
The Lasalle Brothers. It is refreshing to see the Brother in white.
PARC (Pacific Asia Regional Conference) consisted of :
1. District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea
2. Lasallian East Asia District
3. District of Colombo
4. Delegation of India.
In total there were 16 countries in PARC which included Indonesia.

The visit brought glitters of the Lasallian charisma to SMI.
PARC was later reconstituted with the inauguration of a new district known as the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD).
The name LEAD was chosen after a period of consultation of all the Brothers in each Sector, the Alliance Council, and the General Council.  
At the meeting, Brother Edmundo Fernandez was appointed Brother Visitor while Brother Thomas Lavin holds the post as the Auxillary Visitor. 
Brother Anthony Rogers is the Sector Director for Malaysia and his office is based at the La Salle Provincialate in Petaling Jaya. 
The new Provincial offices for LEAD is located at La Salle College, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
LEAD was launched in Singapore on May 15, 2011 while Malaysia inaugurated the new district in a simple yet significant ceremony at the La Salle University Hall in Petaling Jaya on May 21, 2011.
Thanks e-lasallian network for the information.

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