Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brother Matt - A Brother Extraordinaire

He's Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother. Students saying "Happy Retirement" to Brother Matthew
He is known as the "Batik Man". He is also known as the man with many talents. Brother Matthew Bay called it quits on 19 September 2011, a day after his birthday. His students best remember him for his knack in batik painting and his preferences for motifs on floral and the environment. Always seen holding a bunch of keys, sometimes a few bunches,
A pewter plaque presented by Mr Louis Rozario on behalf of the OMA 
Brother had never failed to look into the details as far as building maintenance was concerned. During his tenure at St Michael's, virtually all areas of development were under his stewardship. The total revamp of the tuck-shop turned canteen turned foodcourt, the inter-locking bricks along the main building, designing and supervising the construction of the primary school building, the painting of the school, the La Salle Auditorium, the refurbishment of the main hall and recently the Chapel - just to name a few.
Gracing the occasion were Mr Louis Rozario (far right), Mr Joseph Michael Lee (PIBG chief), Dato' Brother Vincent, En Zahir (PK1) and Mr Joseph Lau, OGA president.
The La Salle Centre was devoid of lush greeneries, the pond, the aquariums and the unusually large fish tank until the arrival of Brother Matthew in 1991, exactly 20 years ago. The rambutan trees, the mango trees, starfruit, "dokong langsat", the giant palm trees and so many other plants and shrubs are results of a person full of patience, gentleness, meekness and knowledge. Yes, he also knows what friendship is all about.
Honoured guests - from left Mr Joseph Lau, Brother Anthony Rogers, En Zahir (PK1), Brother Matthew Bay, Dato Brother Vincent, Mr Joseph Michael Lee and Mr Louis 
Thank you to Brother Director Anthony Rogers and Dato Brother Vincent Corkery for gracing the occasion.
The stylish arrival of Brother Matthew at the occasion.
No goodbye for Brother Matthew as we are going to spend more time with him. His presence will be felt more after his retirement as he has been commissioned to carry out more duties at St Michael's.
For all you have done, Brother, our sincere thank you. From us at St Michael's.

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