Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coming Up!!

Articles On:
1. Brother Matthew Bay's retirement
2. OMA 73rd dinner at SMI
3. Thanksgiving Mass at SMI Chapel

Note: St Michael's never rests.

A big thank you for this interesting site..yes, i was in SMI in the 80s, (my frens n i were always in a confusion over all that was going on), it didn't rest then , it still never does, and hope it never will... By the way, my dad was a Michaelian too, now 80. I found about a dozen old pics of his. I thought some people may like to see them. Any suggestions?
From the Editorial,
Pictures are great treasure which we need to update our database. Please e-mail me at so that arrangements can be made to brief you. Thank you for following our school blog. 


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