Saturday, September 03, 2011

Michaelian Talentime - An Update!

1. Ticket sales are picking up with Saturday tickets almost sold out! Be quick to get yours before tickets for other evenings are snapped up.
2. Mr Adrian Tsen and Mr Joseph Michael Lee have both garnered a generous sponsorship of RM46,200 as at August 26, 2011 - personal contributions and their business associates.
3. Old boy Wong Kin Tung sponsored RM500 cash. He is attending the Talentime for two  consecutive evenings! Many parents and well-wishers are doing likewise.
4. Bookings have been received from the public and old boys from the 70s and 80s to attend the Talentime which according to them is special and a recollection of yesteryear.
5. Many newspapers are carrying the news on Michaelian Talentime!! This event is special  because Michaelians have so much talents to showcase. It's time to show our strongest support by getting tickets from your teachers or anyone authorised by the school.
6. For more details, e-mail

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