Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Brief Report On The Pre-OMA Dinner

Thomas Wong putting up the banner while Anthony Lourdes helps out.
Preparations were made days before the recently concluded 73rd OMA dinner held in the school. The last time time we held the dinner at St Michael's was in 1987, exactly 24 years ago. Most of the gatherings were organised at the Red Crescent Hall, near the stadium. The committee felt that this year, in preparation for the Centennial Dinner next year, we need to have a trial run to determine the logistics, organisation and maintenance aspects. Despite more involvements among the committee members, at the end, it was worth the efforts. We encountered setbacks and weaknesses but it was a lesson learnt. Organising a function this magnitude was interesting and challenging. Let's us flashback a little on the task we undertake to make such an enjoyable dinner for all.

"To the right, no, no, a little to the left" ...Under the watchful eyes of Yong Sin Wah, he makes sure the banner is properly put up. It was actually a very tedious affair.
"Why so late? Do you know what is the time NOW?...Uncle Yip calls up the company which supposed to get the chairs delivered.  
Look at ways how things were being prepared for a big dinner. 
A makeshift restaurant kitchen at St Michael's. Yes, it was a successful function. 
Thank you for a successful dinner. It was an evening worthy to remember.

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