Thursday, October 20, 2011

On An Assignment -- To Meet Up With War Historian Chye Kooi Loong

Mr Chye Kooi Loong with Harneak(left) and the blogger
Mr Harneak Singh and Peter Khiew (blogger) paid a visit to Kampar-based Mr Chye Kooi Loong, a renowned war historian and former Home Guard warden during the Emergency. He is a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE), awarded by the Queen of England. 

Mr Chye spent seven years researching and documenting the Battle of Kampar (30 December 1941 – 2 January 1942), an engagement of the Malayan Campaign during World War II involving British and Indian troops from the 11th Indian Infantry Division and the Japanese 5th Division. 
Why were we there in Kampar? Anything to do with the Battle of Kampar, St Michael's or the British Battalion? We managed to document many important events and at the same time, made a few new discoveries, particularly on the wall-embedded Chubb safe at the ground floor. 
Story soon......


Tedin said...

Dear Peter,

I wonder if you can help to find out from Mr Chye Kooi Loong whether he is brother to Mr Chye Kooi Khean who also taught at ACS Kampar. Chye Kooi Khean was originally with Malacca ACS (MACS) from 1952 till 1965 when he transferred to ACS Kampar. MACS just celebrated her Centenary and we are publishing a Coffee Table Book and an article on the late Mr Chye Kooi Khean is included. He co-wrote our MACS School Song and was a member of the Royal Asiatic Society - similar deep interest for history with Mr Chye Kooi Loong. Hope you can help as I have no way to contact Mr Chye Kooi Loong. Many thanks! Tedin Ng

sookling said...

hi there, i am a student from UTAR currently in my final year now and me and my crews are require to do a documentary as the FYP project. we would like to do a topic about the battle of kampar and we will be pleasure that you might provide us some info and the also the contact details of Mr. Chye Kooi Loong

Peter Khiew said...

Peter Khiew can be contacted at