Saturday, October 29, 2011

SMI Multi-Purpose Hall & Auditorium In The Making?

A discussion in progress. Mr Jimmy Lim (third from left)
The SMI Centennial Committee, headed by Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian and ably assisted by Mr Adrian Tsen and Mr Joseph Michael Lee have  touched an amazing and astonishing milestone in our 100 years of existence.  
Yes, it has got to do with SMI multi-purpose hall (as we call it now). A team has been formed to look into the realisation of a hall to cater to the ever-expanding needs of the Michaelian fraternity. I must salute these notable old boys who work endlessly and devotedly, all these years.   
As a start, renowned architect, fellow Lasallian and an old Xaverian Mr Jimmy Lim has been very kind to offer his expertise in exploring the current and future needs of the building. He arrived on October 23, 2011 to present his proposal based on his earlier assessment on the project - location, size, facilities and viability. The initial plan would have a hall to cater to dinners, large-scaled seminars or official functions or any IT expositions and book fairs. We are also going to have a 500-seat auditorium, suitable for any types of plays, musical concerts or symposiums. 
Other details will be worked out later at the next centennial meeting.
The project, believed to be massive, will cover the existing car park and basketball court.       
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A time to unwind - The group later proceeded for lunch at Wong Koh Kee restaurant in Old Town, hosted by Mr Joseph Michael Lee (extreme left). Brother Vincent Corkery, Brother Matthew Bay and lawyer Mr Chan Kok Keong (second from left) are joining in too. 

Renowned architect Mr Jimmy Lim
Note: Jimmy C. S. Lim is a Malaysian architect, trained at the University of New South Wales. He was senior architect and then an associate of the firm Project Architects Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur from 1972-1977, and established his own practice - CSL Associates - in 1978. His works, both in Malaysia and abroad, have ranged from residential bungalows to high- and low-rise commercial complexes, medical facilities, sporting facilities, and hotels and resorts; the Salinger Residence that he designed in Selangor, Malaysia, was presented with an Aga Khan Award for Architecture during the 1998 Award cycle. In 1983,  Mr. Lim was a founding member and trustee of the Heritage Trust of Malaysia (Badan Warisan Malaysia), and continues to serve as a member of the Trust Council. He served as president of the Friends of Heritage of Malaysia (Sahabat Warisan Malaysia) from 1998 to 1992, and was president of the Malaysian Architectural Institute from 1991 to 1993. 

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H J Angus said...

Well done for creating and updating this blog.
My suggestion on the 100th anniversary dinner is that closer to the date, you should collect some deposits; especially for those who booked several tables.
This will reduce problems of over-booking and also enable more ex-Michaellians to attend.
Best regards