Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Chapel Comes Alive

The crowd warms the occasion. 

A church-like atmosphere in the chapel. 
The Chapel, a paradise to many and a hide-out to some during the early years, was filled to the brim during the Thanksgiving Mass on September 24, 2011 when it was officially re-opened.
Dato' Brother Vincent Corkery presenting his speech
It was left in isolation for many years, partly due to wear and tear of certain parts and serious infestation of termites rendering it unsafe. Now that the chapel is up and going, more activities should be organised, making full use of the six-decade old landmark.
Fellow Michaelians at the Mass
The chapel is accessible to virtually any group, not necessarily only religious bodies. It can be a place to fellowship, interact and reflect.  
Getting Together For A Common Cause
A get-together after the session.
Even Brother Matthew Liew made his way from Kuala Lumpur to grace the occasion.
The turn-out was beyond expectation as those who came included many from outside Ipoh. Old boys, who included former teachers, clergies, parents who are true-blue Michaelians and the many contributors whose generosity have made the opening of the chapel possible.
I must thank the Centennial Committee members for spearheading the project, in line with our theme, "Cherishing Our Past, Embracing The Future".
Signing off,
Peter Khiew

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