Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Birthday Bash For Three Illustrious Michaelians

Happy Birthday
Mr Adrian Tsen, OMA president hosted a birthday dinner for Brother Vincent Corkery at the Wong Kok Restaurant in Pasir Pinji. The seven-course dinner was attended by the entire committee members, together with SMI former principal Mr Louis Rozario Doss. Brother Vincent, who has stamped his legacy within the Lasallian fraternity, is 83 years old.
From left Mr Adrian Tsen, Mr Louis and Brother Vincent cut their birthday cakes!
The occasion, as it turned out, was actually a dinner to honour two other Michaelians as well - Mr Adrian Tsen and Mr Louis, whose birthday fall on November 5 and November 3 respectively. Our best wishes and warmest regards to these three pillars of SMI.   

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