Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Characteristics Of A La Sallian School

St Michael’s is a Lasallian school. The characteristics of a Lasallian School are:

  1. A School of Quality
  2. A School that is imbued with the Michaelian spirit.
  3. Respect for each student as a unique person.
  4. Lasallian Schools are Committed to the Poor. We pay attention to the poor, the neglected and the overlooked. Lasallian teachers give greater attention to the  marginalised and to the less appealing students. Lasallian schools have programs that address the educational needs of the last, the lost and the least.
  5. Educators and administrators are men and women of faith and zeal.
  6. Lasallian Schools Have Teachers Who Are United and share a common vision and a shared mission. Lasallian teachers come together as brothers and sisters associated with bonds of mutual respect, cooperation, generosity, patience, humor, and humility.
  7. Lasallian schools are not autonomous schools but operate in collaboration with others: The Brothers, Alumni, Board of Governors, PIBG and the community.
  8. It is a School organized around the story of John Baptist De La Salle.

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