Wednesday, November 02, 2011

No Hungry Michaelians!

Kwong Hou Mun (holding his coupons proudly), joyously surrounded by his classmates. Look at his smile!
Kwong Hou Mun, a Form One boy just received his coupons to buy food at the foodcourt.  In St Michael's, boys are well-taken care of as we believe no Michaelians are to go hungry. Allocations for food coupons for deserving students are set aside by the Parent-Teacher Association and these boys are identified by teachers who then put up a request to the school. Just look at the boys who share the joy of Kwong when he finally has some money to buy food at the foodcourt just like other boys. Yes, his favourite food is curry noodle and he used his first coupons to buy that!

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