Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Letter From An Old Boy

Letters and little notes do arrive regularly in my mailbox. These are normally written by old boys who really want to know how St Michael's is doing. Some left school decades ago while others might be just last year but their thoughts and attachments are still strongly linked to the alma mater. I am pleased they find this blog useful in linking them to the happenings and developments in the school. Below is a letter from a former student who currently doing his Masters in United States.

Dear Mr. Khiew,
How are you? I've been following your updates at your blog about SMI, and though I have not commented much (my postgraduate studies are taking quite a lot of time - I could only afford to read, and then get on with my work again), I really appreciate your efforts to let us Michaelians keep in touch with the latest news in school. Your blog is, as of now, the only tie I have left with the school whom I can count on the latest goings-on.
I have been in the United States (at Texas Tech University) for about four months already, with a one-week break in mid-October when I went back to Ipoh to attend my graduation ceremony (for my Bachelor's degree) at UTP. Though I intended to visit SMI during my short one-week stay, unfortunately that intention never materialised due to my hectic schedule. Alas, the next time I will be able to visit SMI is most likely in the summer of 2012.
I am very happy to read that 200 tables have been sold out for the Centennial Celebrations Dinner on September next year. I think this is a rather remarkable feat, and a sign of how Michaelians cherish their schooling moments. I am actually quite surprised that William Liew, a fellow 2005 Form 5 graduate, actually booked three tables, so I believe there will be at least 30 of my batch-mates attending this dinner. It is also quite remarkable to me because friends at my age now are mostly living out of Ipoh in search of a stable career, or preparing themselves for their final examinations in university. It is indeed heartening that there are friends who are willing to take the time to go all the way back to Ipoh (if they were elsewhere) to participate in this joyous event.
Well, Mr. Khiew, thank you so much for your updates in your blog. And the very best!

Note: Thanks Guo Zheng for the letter.  

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