Friday, December 23, 2011

PMR Results 2011

St Michael's produced 59 straight As students this year compared to 52 last year. Congratulations to all who made this happen!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year 2012

Frank Sinatra - "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"

Let's welcome the year which is fresh and new. Let's cherish each moment it beholds. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. 

From the entire Lasallian and Michaelian fraternity.

02 Kinta Scouts - Saying Goodbye To 2011 With A Bang

Our boys in a jubilation mood after the event!
Thirty scouts from the 02 Kinta Scout Troop attended the Shiang Yang Scout Gathering 2011, themed "Scouting Footprints, Energize The Hope" in Bercham recently. SMI troop took part in four competitions namely Backwoodsmen Cooking Competition, Modern Cooking Competition, Knots Competition and Sketch Competition.
Weeks of intense preparations paid off handsomely for our boys. They bagged home the top prizes for Modern Cooking Competition and Sketch Competition.
We emerged as runner-ups for the Backwoodsmen Cooking Competition.
Congratulations boys! Another feather in the cap for St Michael's.
The Sketch Team With Their Trophy
For more details, you can visit their website at 

Thirty One Long Years !

Old Michaelians, Class of 1980, like Harneak Singh and Thomas Wong, got a pleasant surprise when their best buddy in school who left Ipoh to further his studies in New Zealand, returned home for a short break.

Gerry Tsen (second from right), with Mr Adrian Tsen (his elder brother) and buddies. 
Gerry Tsen, 48, left for "the land of long white cloud" to study accountancy and after graduation, he settled down at the country, working as an accountant in one of the government agencies.
After catching up old times with his siblings and family members, he whispered to his elder brother, Mr Adrian Tsen, whether he has ways to contact all his former classmates. Within minutes, connections were established.
We got together and talked about the good ole' days at St Michael's.
Obviously, when we had a walk in the school, there were so many changes. What it used to be the "old smokehouse" is now two well-ventilated, modern toilets. Tuckshop? Canteen? Ha! We call it Foodcourt now. The Brothers' Quarters have been converted into classes for Form Six students, the chapel has been refurbished and we have a pavilion now for our activities and shade. Thirty years ago, the only shade we had were some trees grown at the side of the field.
The Class of 80'. A Session At The Steamboat Restaurant In Old Town.
The Lecture Theater is now "La Salle Auditorium", the rough walking path at the side of the field has been replaced with inter-locking bricks which St Michael's built to last! The painting of the entire school building, including the classes, was carried out to commemorate our 100 years.
The 30-minute walk was suffice to reminisce many good, ole' memories, something which I believe is agreeable to many old boys after visiting the alma mater.
Gerry, thanks for the wonderful and inspiring moments spent with us. It was great to see you again after 30 long years!

Friday, December 16, 2011

What's Behind The School Rally?

Brother Vincent with some Form One boys at a school function. He is still being referred to extensively on many  official matters.
By Brother Vincent Corkery
The popularity of our school rally never fades and is still sung with enthusiasm in all our schools in Malaysia and Singapore.  It is also sung in our schools in Hong Kong and in the Philippines.
What is the origin?  The rousing Irish tune known as O’Donnell Abu was adopted by Brother Marcian Cullen 1868-1938, former director of St Michael’s.   Brother Marcian is remembered as a saint and a scholar. He composed the words.
The opening verse dramatises “Duty’s sweet call”.   Duty to self, to God, to family, to society – adds sweetness to life, to our relationships.  The chorus calls Michaelians to be Valiant and True.   Valiant means facing life with courage, and True means being honest, trustworthy and loyal as a matter of Michaelian pride.  In my experience these great qualities can be found in Michaelians for generations wherever they go. 
We may wish to listen to the original tune which goes back to 16th century Ireland. Several versions are available on the Internet.  Try the link above. 
From the Editorial,
Thank you, Brother for this piece of work, which I believe has benefited and energized many of us. We look forward to many more articles on your reflections and thoughts so that we can make these writings available to the mass under a monthly column on this blog. 

Asia-Pacific Lasallians Educators' Congress (APLEC8) in Manila

A Brief Report From Manila: -
Malaysian delegates in the traditional and national costumes.
The 8th APLEC was themed "Living the LaSallian Values In The Asia-Pacific Region". The congress was attended by some 88 delegates from Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and India. A sole Lasallian educator came from Pakistan.
A photo shoot before the group presentation consisting delegates from various countries.
It was a rich learning process for the delegates during the four-day session. Just like any other Lasallian-based programs held anywhere in the world, an overview of the key events of the life of St. John Baptist de La Salle is customary. Key events of the founder's life are the very foundation and principles all Lasallian schools are administered and run today. Emphasis are on living lives of simplicity, a heart for children, discretion in scolding and corrections, provision of education, character building, youth formation and teaching leadership.
Dinner at De La Salle University, Manila. On my left is Brother Anthony Rogers. 
The congress also highlighted the Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Communion in Mission. This approach has to be our fundamental ingredients to produce wholesome individuals.
Presentations and personal sharing were from Ms Tracy Adams of Australia's Boys Town and "Foundation of Lasallian Spirituality" by Brother Michael Broughton, fsc.
Delegates had the opportunity to visit and have dinner at two La Salle universities - De La Salle College of St Benilde in Malate and De La Salle University in Manila. We also visited De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, well-known for its environmental conservation effort. It was an hour bus journey from Metro Manila.
In the Philippines, there are 17 educational institutions, which include colleges, schools and non-school based entities.
At the entrance of Salikneta Farm. With me are a priest from Argentina and Jojo, farm manager. 
On Day 3, delegates were divided into eight different groups for an exposure program in  selected outreach communities of a school or a non-school based apostolate- to have an idea on how values formation is being addressed or needs to be addressed. I chose Salikneta Farm, a research and laboratory farm in Bulacan, located in some part of Luzon, in the City of San Jose Del Monte, a rough 3-hour ride from the hotel. The 64-hectare farm, managed by De La Salle Araneta University, is currently used for forestry and agricultural operations by its students.
To sum up, it was a worthwhile and beneficial trip to Manila. Apart from sharing thoughts and ideas with fellow educators from the region of Asia-Pacific, I had the opportunity to meet up with many other comrades and fellow Lasalle Brothers from countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. I salute them for their continued persistence and hardwork despite their many challenges, constraints and obstacles in their respective countries towards education for the young.
Paalam Na Po....(Goodbye in Tagalog)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Master Chan Khin Seng-Our Condolence

Mr Chan Khin Seng passed away on December 7, 2011. He was a student of SMI and later joined the teaching staff immediately after WW2 till 1976. After retirement, he joined Old Michaelian Association and held the post of Vice President for many years.
There are many current luminaries who were under his guidance and tutelage.
Wake will be at his residence at No 6 Tingkat Hock Lee, Tmn Hock Lee, Ipoh. Funeral will be held on Friday 9th December 2011.

May GOD bless his soul.