Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thirty One Long Years !

Old Michaelians, Class of 1980, like Harneak Singh and Thomas Wong, got a pleasant surprise when their best buddy in school who left Ipoh to further his studies in New Zealand, returned home for a short break.

Gerry Tsen (second from right), with Mr Adrian Tsen (his elder brother) and buddies. 
Gerry Tsen, 48, left for "the land of long white cloud" to study accountancy and after graduation, he settled down at the country, working as an accountant in one of the government agencies.
After catching up old times with his siblings and family members, he whispered to his elder brother, Mr Adrian Tsen, whether he has ways to contact all his former classmates. Within minutes, connections were established.
We got together and talked about the good ole' days at St Michael's.
Obviously, when we had a walk in the school, there were so many changes. What it used to be the "old smokehouse" is now two well-ventilated, modern toilets. Tuckshop? Canteen? Ha! We call it Foodcourt now. The Brothers' Quarters have been converted into classes for Form Six students, the chapel has been refurbished and we have a pavilion now for our activities and shade. Thirty years ago, the only shade we had were some trees grown at the side of the field.
The Class of 80'. A Session At The Steamboat Restaurant In Old Town.
The Lecture Theater is now "La Salle Auditorium", the rough walking path at the side of the field has been replaced with inter-locking bricks which St Michael's built to last! The painting of the entire school building, including the classes, was carried out to commemorate our 100 years.
The 30-minute walk was suffice to reminisce many good, ole' memories, something which I believe is agreeable to many old boys after visiting the alma mater.
Gerry, thanks for the wonderful and inspiring moments spent with us. It was great to see you again after 30 long years!

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