Friday, December 16, 2011

What's Behind The School Rally?

Brother Vincent with some Form One boys at a school function. He is still being referred to extensively on many  official matters.
By Brother Vincent Corkery
The popularity of our school rally never fades and is still sung with enthusiasm in all our schools in Malaysia and Singapore.  It is also sung in our schools in Hong Kong and in the Philippines.
What is the origin?  The rousing Irish tune known as O’Donnell Abu was adopted by Brother Marcian Cullen 1868-1938, former director of St Michael’s.   Brother Marcian is remembered as a saint and a scholar. He composed the words.
The opening verse dramatises “Duty’s sweet call”.   Duty to self, to God, to family, to society – adds sweetness to life, to our relationships.  The chorus calls Michaelians to be Valiant and True.   Valiant means facing life with courage, and True means being honest, trustworthy and loyal as a matter of Michaelian pride.  In my experience these great qualities can be found in Michaelians for generations wherever they go. 
We may wish to listen to the original tune which goes back to 16th century Ireland. Several versions are available on the Internet.  Try the link above. 
From the Editorial,
Thank you, Brother for this piece of work, which I believe has benefited and energized many of us. We look forward to many more articles on your reflections and thoughts so that we can make these writings available to the mass under a monthly column on this blog. 


SMI 1912-2012 said...

Thank you Mr Peter, for sharing this with us.

Also, thank you Bro Vincent.


Henry Yew said...

Eleven years of singing the School Rally, yet I never knew the origins of it, not till 6 years after graduating my Form 5. An enlightening entry. Thank you Mr. Khiew and Rev. Bro. Vincent.

Henry Yew

SMI junior said...

Thank you sir for sharing this information