Monday, January 16, 2012

Centennial Run- Curtain Raiser For 100 Years Celebration

A Sea Of Michaelians and the Majestic Grand Old Dame
The Centennial Run, the first of many other programmes organised to commemorate St Michael's 100 years, was successfully organised last Saturday. It was an event hugely anticipated by teachers and students even on the first week of school as it would be a day when St Michael's officially welcome the centennial celebration for the year. Banners were prepared, medals were designed, the sports personnels got busy and yes, words travelled. Old boys wrote to each other via e-mails, Twitter and Facebook about the  Run, which is considered legendary by many. A handful turned up to mingle and take part.
Form Six students with their signature attires 
Participated by some 1700 old and present Michaelians, including teachers and parents, the Run that day reflected an awesome spirit of comradeship among teachers whose combined efforts had brought about a very successful Michaelian gathering. The boys and girls, on the other hand, held their heads high in pride knowing well that their alma mater is celebrating 100. They could be seen in a very celebratory and festive mood throughout the day.
We Are Michaelians!!
Look At Their Determination- Brother Matthew Bay and Mr Andrew Leong completing the Run. 
We thank Brother Vincent Corkery for flagging off the Run and giving out the prizes. We also record our appreciation to Brother Matthew Bay, Master Timothy Chee and the dear old boys who made the occasion very meaningful. Despite their age and many other complaints, all of them managed to complete the Run with gusto!
Master Timothy Chee gestures after receiving his medal from Brother Vincent . Looking on is principal Mdm Loh.
Lastly, our congratulations to principal Mdm Loh Wei Seng and her team of dedicated teachers for making the Run a great success.
The Central Gable.  The Venue For Many More Events This Year   
We look forward to many more centennial events. Yes, we are Michaelians. That's Who We Are.

Signing off,
Peter Khiew
Green & White Unite!
Living Lives As Michaelians!

Worthy reflections via e-mails
From Thomas Wong (Class of 80')
After leaving school in 1981 - a distance of 31 years, my first walk along the "RiverBank" although it should be a cross country run, gave me peaceful feeling in reflections to the school days, teachers and friends!
Yes, we should be back more often to lift up the Michaelian spirit especially to the young ones, who will carry the touch of "Valiant and True Michaelians " for another 100 years!
Hope to see more of 1980's gathering in the school to the Centennial Celebration and please mark 4th Dec 2012 to your diary as it is the day St.Michael's was born!

The run today was refreshing for me after not having run along the particular riverbank for more than 30 years. It is quite nostalgic. Sadly the Kinta River is any clearer than our earlier days although a walking pavement is dine up.
I met Bro.Vincent this morning. He is getting old but still remember your kind and huge contribution (directed to Benjamin Lee) to the school chapel last year because I mentioned about your visit last year in April just before he went back to Ireland for his annual holidays. 


SMI 1912-2012 said...

Personally, after 32 years, the run, or rather the walk, along the track brings back fond memories of school days. Kudos to the organisers. Maybe another run on the morning of 29.9.2012 will be fun as many old boys will be back for Centennial Dinner and exhibition.

Harneak S
5A3 1980

Ivan Tan said...

The Old Boys run in conjunction with SMI's cross country should be held every year instead of just this year for the old Michaelians to keep in touch with the current batch of Michaelians.

Old Michaelian category should be set up instead of 'Old Boys' category because a teacher told me that she did not participate because it is meant for old 'boys'.

Lastly, good job in making the Centennial Run a success!

Mohd Fazli said...

memang best sgt2...hope dapat join lagi

mohd fazli
5sc1 1996

SMI Old Boys said...

Congrats for the success of the events...a

agreed with Ivan Tan...the run should be held every year starting from this year...

not agreed with Ivan Tan to change the words old boys...we are boy school and the terms reflect of what we are...the old boys does not mean for boys only..its a general term and could be includes the girls too..what more important is the words long as u are a michaelian..does'nt matter whther u are old boys or old girls...the meanings are the same

Ivan Tan said...

To SMI Old Boys,

I fully understand your meaning but i think you cant understand because you are not in their shoes.

What if you graduated from a girl school who have boys only in form 6 and they organized an Old Girls run?

Are u brave enough to join the run? =)