Sunday, January 08, 2012

Form One students - Full of Determination

Eager To Learn.. The boys on the first day of school
More than 260 Form One students reported for "duty" at St Michael's Institution, Ipoh on the first day of 2012 academic year. We have a total of 279 students on our list of those coming in for Form One this year. Applications are still being processed at the department for more boys to be admitted into St Michael's.
SMI is still under the controlled schools catergory, therefore all applications have to be made through the department. We are pleased that Form One still has 9 classes, all occupying the first floor at the main block.
The batch this year is very determined, just like their parents who accompanied their charges on the first day. Orientation is still on-going (until Monday, Jan 9) as it allows the young boys to familiarise themselves with the secondary school life, the school culture and its great tradition. Induction sessions from uniformed units and clubs are held during the orientation session to expose the boys to what St Michael's actually stands for. Most importantly, we told them they are of a special batch to be in St Michael's as it coincides with the school's centennial celebration this year.
Come To Learn, Leave To Serve ... 
Rest assured, we at St Michael's are working hard to groom and nurture these young boys, just like their seniors who had undergone similar teaching and guidance at SMI.
Welcome to St Michael's.
Quis Ut Deus

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Mohamed Firdaus Shajahan said...

sir my brother just join Form1 ..1a6 i think.