Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year, remembering our Wushu boys

Happy Chinese New Year to all members of the Michaelian fraternity. It's time again for a little reflection and resolution. While writing this post, I remember the Wushu Club boys who have contributed much to the alma mater especially during the time their services are needed at functions. They have been making do with the only two lion heads for years which they really treasure.
Many of us had also noticed and thought to ourselves how the boys demonstrated impressively their drumming prowess at last year's Talentime with at least eight drums. Sad to say, many were borrowed from Chinese associations and schools. I will find out how many actually belong to SMI Wushu Club!
The boys, as I have observed for many years, are an enthusiastic lot, tirelessly learning new skills on weekdays and on many occasions, weekends. One thing I salute is Michaelians never complaint irrespective of whatever situations they are in.
As we celebrate our 100 years, why not do something for our boys by acquiring a pair of lion heads for them? Or perhaps a pair of drums. This gesture would certainly make all of them very happy. I can be contacted at peterkhiew@yahoo.com
All contributors will be acknowledged on this blog.

A fruitful and wonderful year ahead.
Peter Khiew

Note: Images courtesy of Michaelian Photography Club.  

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