Saturday, January 28, 2012

An institution that has left so many fond memories

By Ivan Loh (The Star journalist)
A HUNDRED years is a long time and for SMK St Michael to withstand the test of time, especially with the ravages of the Second World War, it is indeed a great achievement.
Better known as St Michael’s Institution, the school now joins the likes of other prestigious schools like SMK Anderson, SM Convent and SM Methodist (ACS), which have passed the 100-year mark.
Being an old boy myself, I am happy to note that the school has undergone various infrastructure developments.
Visual story: A signboard detailing the celebration and the school’s dignitaries.
The dilapidated primary school block has been flattened and replaced with a four-storey building while the roof and the school chapel at the main building have been renovated.
All this is part of the centennial celebrations that will culminate with a reunion dinner in September.
At the same time, it is a bit sad to know that changes have also taken place in terms of the school culture.
During my interviews with former school Brother Director Datuk Brother Vincent Corkery and Old Michaelians Association president Adrian Tsen, I was told that the new breed of students are different from the ones before.
They had lamented that the younger generation of students tend to go home straight to their computer games or tuition classes after school rather than stay back for extra curricular activities or sports.
I do agree with them that students should spend more time in school to participate in school activities.
I understand that attending school is not just about studying.
Long history: The school will turn 100 and has begun celebrating its centennial celebration.
It is also about living out the life of a student, growing up and learning more about ourselves and self-improvement.
Isn’t that what holistic education is about?
I remember some of my “good old days” being part of the school’s military band where I spent most of my time practising on the trumpet after school hours.
I also recall spending a lot of my afternoons inside the Photography Club’s darkroom processing photographs. Till now, the smell of those pungent chemicals comes to mind whenever I think about school.
Those were also good times where all of us would rush to the school field to play “popiah” (a version of dodgeball which uses the tennis ball) after finishing our exams.
Such are the little things that make me cherish my childhood and these will definitely be the stories I would be telling my children, rather than say I grew up in front of the television or slain trolls and shot aliens on the computer all day.
I am proud to say that I have lived the life of what it means to be a true Michaelian and enjoyed every minute of it.
I feel truly blessed to have been a part of its long and illustrious journey.

Note: This article appeared in the Star dated 28, January 2012. Ivan Loh comes from the Class of 1998. Thank you Ivan for the wonderful article detailing your years as a pupil at St Michael's.  

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