Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St Michael's Cake-Cutting Event & Logo Unveiling Widespread Coverage

Happy Birthday St Michael's - pix by ipohnews.my
video courtesy of ipohnews.my

Happy Birthday St. Michael’s Institution
Brother Vincent giving his speech. Pix courtest of emily2u

Happy Birthday St. Michael’s Institution
Cake-Cutting Ceremony - pix courtesy of emily2u 
New logo embodies school’s values
The Star, Feb 28, 2012

SMK St Michael, Ipoh, has unveiled its centennial celebration logo, to commemorate the school’s 100th anniversary.
The logo, carrying the school crest and its centennial celebration theme “Cherishing the Past, Embracing the Future”, was launched by the school’s Board of Governors chairman Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian at the school recently.
Lee was also joined on stage by school principal Loh Wei Seng and also former principals the during the unveiling of the logo.
Birthday bash: Lee (third from left) cutting the centennial cake with former principals (from left) Louis Rozario Doss, K. Balasubramaniam, Corkery, Loh, Old Michaelians Association president Adrian Tsen, former principal Teh Chor Aun and school Parent-Teachers Association chairman Joseph Michael Lee.

Lee noted that the unveiling of the logo was part of the school’s many programmes outlined for the centennial celebration, which was launched three years ago.
“More programmes are in the pipeline this year, particularly the Centennial Fun Fair, talentime, school drama and the reunion dinner,” he said.
On the centennial celebration’s theme, Lee said it was reflective to the school’s endeavour to treasure its ethos, culture and heritage.
“These are the foundations for the school to move forward.

Informat ive: Visitors having a look at the Heritage Gallery in the school.
“Towards this end, we are much indebted to our La Salle Brothers and predecessors who passed on to us a rich heritage of good values and effective practices,” he said.
Prior to the unveiling of the logo, Lee, former school head Brother Director Datuk Brother Vincent Corkery, Loh and several other former school principals also took part in a cake-cutting ceremony.
In his speech, Corkery said this year’s batch of students would be the pioneers of students for the new century.
He urged students to keep the school’s spirit and traditions alive and to make the school proud.
He also thanked all contributors that had made the refurbishment of the school’s building a reality.
Coverage by the local media was extensive, thanks to journalists from ipohnews (Michelle), local blogger (Emily), Ipoh Echo (James Gough), The Star (Ivan Loh), The New Straits Times (Diana), Nanyang Press (Frankie) and China Press (Chung). These people are St Michael's best supporters! We will be compiling all these reports for our documentation.The ceremony kicked off at 7.45am sharp with the arrival of our Chief Guest, Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, chairman Board of Governors and Centennial Celebration committee. Wushu boys were again at their best performance with the amazing rendition of lion dance and beating of drum.
Others who turned up to be part of St Michael's Centennial do were Dato Brother Vincent Corkery, Brother Matthew Bay, Mr Adrian Tsen, Mr Joseph Michael Lee, Mr Teh Chor Aun, Mr K. Balasubramaniam, Mr Louis Rozario Doss (all three former principals of St Michael's) and all former teachers who took time off to attend the celebrations.
The cake-cutting ceremony was obviously an event anticipated by all. Looking at the numbers, 1,0,0, we must realise that we have come a long way. Tan Sri said in his speech, "This centennial celebration, for many of us, is a celebration of “our past and the future” which is the theme aptly adopted by St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh, which is “Cherishing Our Past, Embracing The Future”.
"This theme is reflective of our endeavor to treasure our ethos, culture and heritage because they are the foundation for the school to move forward. Towards this end, we are much indebted to our La Salle Brothers and predecessors who passed on to us a rich heritage of good values and effective practices".
The unveiling of the Centennial Logo was even more exciting for the Michaelian community. The video above (courtesy of ipohnews) said it all. The judges had a hard time deciding the winner as all entries were equally creative and met the conditions set. To be part of St Michael's amazing journey in educating young Lasallians, collar pins presented to some 1,650 Michaelians that morning are to be worn daily throughout 2012. 
I thank the school head and organising committee for their hardwork and meticulous planning in making the event a successful one.
Peter Khiew

Thursday, February 23, 2012


SMI Centennial Cake
Specially ordered, designed and shipped just for St Michael's grand event tomorrow. Three pieces of fruitcake come with elaborately-designed floral motif of green and white layer of icing. Stage is ready. Students in charge of respective sections are prepared. Monitors, Form 1 to Form 5, are ready to receive their collar pins on behalf of their classmates, prizes and certificates for Logo Designing Competition are ready, ..... All systems go!   

Rehearsal For Friday's Cake-Cutting Event

SMI icon - Scouts are putting up the banner for the event.
In preparation for Friday's cake-cutting ceremony and unveiling of the Centennial Logo, a rehearsal was held Wednesday and today to ensure a hitch-free event. This ceremony is of great importance as it heralds St Michael's 100 years of existence. It celebrates its rich tradition, Lasallian ethos and strong character.
The assembly ground, the venue for the event, is ready for the big day. Only when a grand celebration or a special event is in place, the scouts would come up with its trademark mangrove tower and for this occasion, the scouts, decided to make one! The Michaelian Military Band is set to create that mood of festivities and the lion head dancers and the drummer are all set for Friday's event!
The hallmark of SMI- Michaelian Military Band
SMI's Board of Governors and Centennial Celebration chairman, Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, Mr Adrian Tsen, Old Michaelians Association president, PIBG Chairman Mr  Joseph Michael Lee, former principals, former teachers and committee members of the respective entities will be present. We welcome all Lasallian family to St Michael's.'
"Cherishing Our Past, Embracing The Future"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Are We Aware Of These Plaques?

These are put up for a purpose - to commemorate their illustrious work, remember the noble works and efforts of our benefactors or simply to remind us of our roots and heritage. These people had made it possible for St Michael's to be what it is today. There are so many other commemorative plaques we put up around the school to acknowledge these outstanding individuals. When we see a plaque next time, take note of what's written on it. We can emulate what they did.
Yes, we cherish our past so that we can continue to embrace the future.
Find out where these marble plaque are and do a little homework to find out who these people are.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wushu Boys Say Thank You

When news got to the wushu boys that two generous contributors have agreed to contribute RM1000 each to acquire a pair of lion heads, they were jumping for joy! The boys were at a lost for words when asked what they wanted to say for the good news that came today. Alvin Soo Hang Lok, the president of the Wushu Club, said later that the members are obviously very excited with the latest development as they have been borrowing lion heads and season drums from Ma Ching Association whenever they are invited to perform at functions. Occasionally, items like swords and drums are borrowed from Chin Woo.
The appalling condition of the lion head. Alvin Soo(left) and Chan.
The club, which has about 50 members, currently has a pair of worn-out lion heads and ONE drum - a shocking truth as a set of twenty four drums is actually needed for any performances. "During the Michaelian Talentime last year, we were pleased to perform up to our expectation with a set of eight season drums. We borrowed seven drums from outside", said Alvin.
Worn-out materials. The lion head is heavily used for practice and during functions.
With the kind contribution of RM2,000, we can start scouting for at least a Foshan lion head which is larger, suitable for performances.
The sole season drum at the corner of the Wushu Room looks really "seasoned"! 
A drum which comes with a stand cost about RM300. We are looking for another 8 units, which will cost us RM2,400.
Sorry state...the Wushu Club boys showing a broken frame. 
The pathetic cymbal with a hole in it. The boys are getting ready to perform at a charity dinner, making do with what they have. 
As this post is written, the boys should be home after a performance at a charity dinner in aid of an old folks home located at Jelapang. On their way there this evening, I was shocked to see that a cymbal a boy was holding has a hole in it. Why are the boys still making use of  items which are not usable any more? Sad! The boys' simple determination, drive and dynamism serve as a great and shining example for many of us.
Their involvement in wushu plays a significant part in the historical preservation of Chinese culture and heritage at St Michael's.

Note: We plan to send the damaged pair of lion heads for repair when we have acquired the pair of new ones so that the Club has at least two pairs to use. That would last for many more years. Now we can be rest assured that the items are passed down to many more juniors after this batch.
This simple gesture from our contributors is suffice to show the boys that someone out there still care.


Thursday, February 09, 2012

From the 60s' - The Monkees. Listen After A Tiring Day

The Monkees are an American pop rock group. Assembled in Los Angeles in 1966 by Robert "Bob" Rafelson and Bert Schneider for the American television series The Monkees, which aired from 1966 to 1968, the musical acting quartet was composed of Americans Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork and Englishman Davy Jones.The band's music was initially supervised by producer Don Kirshner.
The Monkees had a number of international hits which are still heard on pop and oldies stations. These include "(Theme From) The Monkees", "Last Train to Clarksville", "I'm A Believer", "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" and "Pleasant Valley Sunday". Their albums and singles have sold over 65 million copies worldwide - Wikipedia.
Enjoy one of their songs - Daydream Believer, my favourite. 

Competency Test For Form Two prefects

Test on school history and current development of St Michael's
Form Two probationary prefects must sit for a competency test before being appointed as prefects of St Michael's. Candidates for new prefects are nominated in Form One by their respective class teachers. Students with good leadership skills, sharp in judgments, good communicative skills and neat in appearance are basis for selection. The test, already in its sixth year, consists questions about the school history, current developments and all things St Michael's. 

Friday, February 03, 2012

It's Up...

Michaelians Are Ready For The Celebration 
My e-mail was bombarded with queries as to why I chose 2pm, February 2, 2012 to put up the banner. Wow! It's 22222. Supposed to be an auspicious time and day to announce exciting events for the grand institution? It could be. One thing for sure is the Michaelian community is extremely excited over the Centennial Celebration, particularly the coming event which falls on February 24, 2012. It's the Cake-Cutting Ceremony and the unveiling of the Centennial Official Logo. We are going to announce the winner and all students will be presented with ........... There will be ................
I cannot disclose more but that day will definitely create a lasting memory for all Michaelians. Happy Centennial!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


The Banner which will be officially put up at the School Foyer (Parlour) tomorrow at 2pm, February 2, 2012.   
This is a welcome sight for many who now have information pertaining to the Centennial Celebration at their fingertips. Happy Centennial!