Friday, February 10, 2012

Wushu Boys Say Thank You

When news got to the wushu boys that two generous contributors have agreed to contribute RM1000 each to acquire a pair of lion heads, they were jumping for joy! The boys were at a lost for words when asked what they wanted to say for the good news that came today. Alvin Soo Hang Lok, the president of the Wushu Club, said later that the members are obviously very excited with the latest development as they have been borrowing lion heads and season drums from Ma Ching Association whenever they are invited to perform at functions. Occasionally, items like swords and drums are borrowed from Chin Woo.
The appalling condition of the lion head. Alvin Soo(left) and Chan.
The club, which has about 50 members, currently has a pair of worn-out lion heads and ONE drum - a shocking truth as a set of twenty four drums is actually needed for any performances. "During the Michaelian Talentime last year, we were pleased to perform up to our expectation with a set of eight season drums. We borrowed seven drums from outside", said Alvin.
Worn-out materials. The lion head is heavily used for practice and during functions.
With the kind contribution of RM2,000, we can start scouting for at least a Foshan lion head which is larger, suitable for performances.
The sole season drum at the corner of the Wushu Room looks really "seasoned"! 
A drum which comes with a stand cost about RM300. We are looking for another 8 units, which will cost us RM2,400.
Sorry state...the Wushu Club boys showing a broken frame. 
The pathetic cymbal with a hole in it. The boys are getting ready to perform at a charity dinner, making do with what they have. 
As this post is written, the boys should be home after a performance at a charity dinner in aid of an old folks home located at Jelapang. On their way there this evening, I was shocked to see that a cymbal a boy was holding has a hole in it. Why are the boys still making use of  items which are not usable any more? Sad! The boys' simple determination, drive and dynamism serve as a great and shining example for many of us.
Their involvement in wushu plays a significant part in the historical preservation of Chinese culture and heritage at St Michael's.

Note: We plan to send the damaged pair of lion heads for repair when we have acquired the pair of new ones so that the Club has at least two pairs to use. That would last for many more years. Now we can be rest assured that the items are passed down to many more juniors after this batch.
This simple gesture from our contributors is suffice to show the boys that someone out there still care.

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