Thursday, March 29, 2012

SMI Centennial Fun-Fair Announced in the Star

St Michael’s Institution Ipoh will hold its Centennial Funfair and Michaelian Talentime in conjunction with its centennial celebration at the school on April 29 from 8am to 3pm. For details, call 05-254 0418 or visit

Note: Looking forward to seeing Ipoh folks and fellow Michaelians turn up in drove for the festival of the centennial. For enquiries, e-mail

Friday, March 23, 2012

Twenty Five Boys Excel In SPM 2011

Beaming With Joy... both teachers and students
St Michael's continues to set new momentum in its academic achievements. It was the PMR last year, followed by the STPM and now, SPM 2011. Twenty five students scored all As in the examination compared to 21 students in SPM 2010.
This propels the way for a possible academic award from the Education Ministry.

Not forgetting all the other SPM candidates too. You have done exceedingly well in your own ways. Irrespective how you fared, more challenges and hurdles are expected in weeks and months to come.
Nevertheless. it's the character that determines who we are.

Congratulation from us all at St Michael's Ipoh.
"Uphold The Great Michaelian Ethos" 

Note: pix courtesy of Cikgu Azhar Rodzi

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Visitors From Singapore

An e-mail dated January 16 from an old boy who left St Michael's in 1969 (Form Two) detailing his years here led to a visit to SMI with 16 of his friends from Singapore.
A jubilant Mr Ooi handed over RM400 to the Wushu Club. 
Mr Ooi Teng Kok was born in Singapore but completed his primary education at SMI primary One. He left Ipoh 43 years ago but came back occasionally to visit friends and relatives.
Despite the long years he was away, St Michael's has always been close to his heart. That prompted him to convince his 16 Singaporean friends for a 4-day trip to Ipoh, including a visit to SMI.
A meeting of teacher and pupil ... which is which?
Mr Ooi managed to meet up with Master Timothy Chee, his Arts teacher when he was in Form One and Two. That meeting was not a coincidence. He wanted to meet Master Timothy for many years and we managed to get both of them together for a teacher-meet-pupil session.
Mr Adrian (right) and Mr Ooi at the Michaelian Heritage Gallery
So much to talk about St Michael's and the Lasalle schools in Singapore.
OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen was the head boy in Upper Six (1969) when Mr Ooi was in Form Two but that day, it was a meeting of two very happy and successful Michaelians!
Well, the visit was meaningful as the group was greeted by a lion dance performance by the Wushu Club boys.

Till We Meet Again...
"Cherishing Our Past, Embracing The Future".
Thank you for visiting us at St Michael's.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A More Refreshing Foodcourt

It was the effort of an individual who always drives a change to the landscape of St Michael's.
This time around it is the Foodcourt which has the privilege to undergo a facelift. When school started after a week-long holiday, students were astonished to see the grille, shutter and the stall counters sported a new layer of paint with colours which soothe the eyes and calm the spirit.
Well done Brother Matthew Bay. Looks like you work even more after your retirement.
Thank you from us at St Michael's.
Stall operators giving a thumbs-up. From right Mr Yap, Mr Sothi and YB.
Still the best......

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Run Through Of Happenings At St Michael's

Special guests at the St Michael's Centennial Logo Unveiling and Cake-Cutting Ceremony on February 24, 2012. 
Mr Adrian Tsen presides over a monthly meeting of the Old Michaelians Association. Established in September 8, 1933, the OMA is respected and recognised all over the world. 

A student decorating the class notice board beginning of the year.
Boys selling sweets to raise fund for St Michael's Centennial Fun-Fair which falls on April 29, 2012 at 8am. 
The Michaelian Heritage Gallery continues to attract visitors from far and near. In this picture, Brother Vincent explains the setting up of the gallery to a professor from the United States. 

Old Michaelians have never failed to return to the alma mater each time they are back for holidays. 
Young Michaelians resting at the Adrian Tsen Pavilion. This resting area, located at the end of the school field, is the venue of activities for fellow Michaelians. 
In the staff room-- retired St Michael's teacher Master Lee Kem Siang speaking on his mobile with a  fellow pal. He still coaches tennis and has been travelling extensively since his retirement. 

Harneak Singh, old boy class of 1980, chanced upon the second generation owner of a coffee stall in Kampar. Harneak's grandfather patronised this stall regularly when he was a worker at a factory nearby. Harneak was a young boy then. Surprisingly, the lady still recognises this young man!  
Five students attained all As in their STPM 2011. In 2009, three students achieved 4As while last year, two brought home 4As. Congratulations. St Michael's continues to show its mettle and fortitude in academic excellence. Note: It was earlier reported that nine students scored all As in the 2011 STPM. We have five. We look forward to an increased number of excellent students in years to come.  
Scouts preparing their specialties during the year's induction day. 
Happy days are here again. Seng Boo and his scout buddies at a practice session. 

March 13, 2012 - Mr Tan posing with his creation. Wushu boys will be getting a pair of lion heads and eight drums - thanks to caring and generous contributors.

SMI Multi-Purpose Building project team in discussion. This massive project involves the Board of Governors and the Old Michaelians Association.

A scene at the Michaelian quadrangle during rain in the evening. It's time to landscape this area a little.

Master Timothy Chee having a brief session with the cast of this year's Centennial Play," John Baptiste; The Lost Chronicles", 6 & 7 July 2012 at 7.45pm.
St Michael's never rests!

Signing off,
Peter Khiew

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Centennial Mementos For Keepsake
Centennial Items are making their rounds for the past two weeks and sales are brisk with items like tie pins(RM4 each) and button badges (RM1.50 each) being hot items. Items available, such as key chains made of rubber with 3D image of SMI iconic building(RM5), files, ball pens, tote bags and bookmarks are of outstanding quality.
Boys and Cikgu Rohaizat posing with the centennial items
Marketing co-ordinator Mr Lawrence said more items like crystal paperweights, bags and caps will be added to the collection. "The items are made to commemorate St Michael's 100 years of existence and many students and old boys are so proud to get their hands on these items, " he said, adding that the mementos are priced very competitively so that everyone can take at least an item home.
For details, e-mail: